My getaway, mentor and website

I’m feeling overwhelmed right now. My website is freaking LIVE. Like I said, I don’t expect anyone to find it for a while. I don’t have the SEO set up right on purpose. Not only that, I chose a mentor. I’m paying her for her services. She is going to mentor me for at least 90 days. I won’t mention her name. Eventually, I will have her name on my website in my About section so it won’t be a big secret. (Assuming it works out well). My sessions won’t start with her until June 29th. She is a very busy lady with a successful business. Uh, that’s why I chose her as my mentor. 🙂

Here is the link to my new website (erased) This won’t stay up long. Please bookmark it, if you would like to see how it progresses. I will probably erase it in 10 days or less on this post and the sticky post. I will probably link to it every 3 months or so. And then erase it again. It isn’t the best site right now because I’m still working on it.

Right now I feel like I have two full-time jobs. NOT A COMPLAINT. Lol. I’m glad to have my day job. Trust me. It’s just that I spend almost every waking moment working on tarot when I’m not a work. And that is how it will probably be for a while.

I’m starting to have minor chest pains because I’m so stressed right now. Stressed about the website and stressed about the mentor thing. Sigh. I didn’t get to take a nap after work because I had a short meeting with my mentor. We will eventually have twelve 90 minute meetings (!!!). Oh, I have to add that work isn’t helping. It’s unusually busy. I have no idea why.

Well, I had a great Getaway. LOL. It was wonderful. I got so much reading done. I might blog more about it later, but for now, since I want to get in bed with a book and relax here are a few photos:


The above pic is the outside of the cabin. I LOVED IT! I could live there, but the cabins are kind of too close together for me. They claim they don’t want people to feel isolated. WTF? Have these people ever seen rural places? They don’t have neighbors for days! I live in the suburbs, right outside the city and I barely have close neighbors. Anyway, I could live there forever despite the other close cabins.

This is the outside area of the cabin. We didn’t spend much time here because all my dog wanted to do was eat the coal in the fire pit. :/


This is the view from the bed. Did I say how much I loved this? My dog loved sitting on the ledge and watching nature. So nice.


Here is the messy bed with the sheets I bought from home:


The above pic is basically the whole cabin. Minus the small kitchen and the bathroom. My dog loved the bed. I loved the bed too. We don’t have this ish at home, so it was really, really, nice to be able to spread out and sleep. We spent a lot of time in bed together. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy. 😉

I have more to say about the Getaway. I might blog about it later if nothing major comes up. Right now I’m exhausted and feeling stressed out. So I’m going to go. I know people are worried about kids at the border and I’m going on and on about being stressed about my freaking website. That’s life. Bye!


There’s no rope to save me


ZERO days until my cabin Getaway (!!)

I read over the cabin Getaway rules again. They just sent this about a week ago. I forgot that they want us to take off our shoes as soon as we enter the cabin! That isn’t a huge deal to me because I hate wearing shoes and I always take my shoes off ASAP, but I hope I don’t forget. So no 10-minute showers, no dogs on the linens/bed/furniture, and no shoes on the floor. Why didn’t they tell us this before we booked? Oh, and no barking dogs.

I’m kind of worried about the barking dog thing. I WAS going to take a noise machine, and then my dog probably wouldn’t bark unless he saw someone or something out the window. But now I can’t even do that!! Another rule: no hair dryers or coffee makers because they might use up too much electricity and the power could go out. LOL. If a person can’t use a coffee maker, there’s no way I can take a noise machine and leave it on 24/7.

My dog barks whenever he feels threatened. He is like a watchdog. If he hears something, he’ll bark. If he sees someone on what he thinks is his property, he’ll bark. We can’t have that. I could get kicked out if he barks too much. Two complaints equal gone!  Sounds in the woods carry more than in most places. Sigh. I’m hoping it will be quiet. Well, at least I don’t have to pack my noise machine. I do have a noise app, but it’s not as good as a real noise machine.

My Tarot website is going live next Friday! Woohoo. 🙂  I’m kind of glad I won’t have internet access during my trip because I know I would spend hours working on the site. I will be reading and studying the tarot though so it won’t be a complete work-free vacation. I’m not advertising my site until I have all the tarot cards memorized. That should take less than a month from now. I’m going to start working on note cards tonight.

One of my big fears is that people will book a reading with me and I won’t be ready. I should have planned better as far as timing goes. I just wanted my website up ASAP. Without advertising, I don’t think many people will find it in the beginning. I don’t even have my SEO set up right.

WOW. I just got off the phone with the tarot reader. She was amazing. I took a ton of notes. Some of what she said matches the email reading I got a couple of months back. Interesting. Btw, it was supposed to be on Skype, but my power was out, and she’s on the road, so the phone was better for both of us.

The one thing that really stuck out was her saying not to go too rapidly with the tarot business. I AGREE. Does that mean I shouldn’t open my website? See, I think if I don’t advertise, no one is really going to know I even have a tarot business. I know my site might come up in searches, but I don’t have that set up right on purpose. So, I don’t think that many people are going to find my site. I’m only posting the link on this blog for a little while because I want to share it. I’m not doing any advertising on social media until the beginning of August.

She said:

  • Time for a change
  • Be patient
  • Time to be challenged
  • My brain is scared. My heart is ready.
  • I should do tarot readings in my community. (interesting)
  • I put other people first too much
  • My brain is throwing out the worst case scenario.
  • I’m playing the comparison game
  • Don’t play small.
  • I should explore my female ancestors.
  • I need to exercise and eat well.
  • Spend time in nature (I already do this).

I learned a lot. Took lots of notes. I also know how a phone reading should be done. However, now I still don’t know what a Skype reading is like. I have to do one in order to do my own someday. I could go on and on with how much I related to what she said, but this entry is already long enough. My power still isn’t on. There was a car accident. I hope everyone is okay.

UPDATE: I did what one is not supposed to do. She gave me the names of the cards she pulled and I went back and did a quick reading. It basically said I need to save all my money (no shit!) and that I’m NOT on the right path. Hmmm. The one thing I don’t like about Tarot readers is that some of them try to make things too positive. Hey, I do it too sometimes. I’ll give my thoughts more on this later. I still have to pack.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Halsey, Lykke Li, Sugarland, Janelle Monae, Kesha, Dave Matthews Band, LeAnn Rimes, Natalie Merchant

TV of the week: The Handmaids Tale, Survivor

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: Fresh Air, True Crime Garage, So You Wanna Be a Witch, A Course in Miracles, Case File, The Lowe Post

Books of the week: 

Now reading –

I’m picking up four books from the library right before I leave for my trip this afternoon. All of the books are tarot or astrology related.

Planner update: Plans of the week in my The Charmed Life Planner (coming Sunday or Monday).

Plans for the weekend: VACATION!!!! 🙂 🙂 YAY! It’s supposed to be hot and no rain. I just hope we can spend a lot of time outdoors without having to drive somewhere. I’m still not sure about the location. Is it just cabins? Or are there places to walk? Anyway, I still have to pack. I am working today because I don’t want to miss training. I can’t afford to. I’m only working 4 hours, then we’re (my dog and me) going to the park, then to the library drive through to pick up my holds and then we are headed to the tiny cabin.

I could really use a break. Yes, I will spend some time working on the Tarot, but I hope to spend more time just relaxing. That’s why they call the company Getaway so people can put away work!

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

I’d rather rescue myself

Bummer! I was hoping to share my website link with you all. But Squarespace won’t let me share since I still have a free trial. 😦 😦 Only people with a login can see it. I could pay for it and make it go live, but I don’t want to do that now because it is only about 40% done. Oh well.

I probably will share it once it goes live in a week, but I will have pictures of myself on there so I will not leave the link up long. So if you want to continue to see the website, please bookmark it. I will not link to my professional website after a week or so because I want this blog to remain anonymous.

I’ve spent hours on the site. I don’t know how I feel about Squarespace. I already know I’m going to redo the site in 3 months. But for now, I will stick with what I have. I don’t want to start all over. The main problem I’m having is not being able to put a photo where I want to on my “About Me” page. However, I’m taking a lot of photos of myself this weekend while I’m in the woods so I can have woodsy photos of me 😉 So I may as well wait to put photos up. I’m just frustrated because I figured out how to do the banner, a logo, etc. But I don’t know how to put a pic on the bio page. ARGH!

So blah. I really wanted to share my site. I only have 13 days left on my free trial, so I’m paying for it very soon. I’m paying for it annually because it’s a little cheaper and I get the domain free. It’s funny. I checked to see if the domain was available BUT I didn’t do an internet search to see if anyone else was using my name on youtube, facebook or wherever. Oh my! Duh! Some people are using close to what I have. The name of my website name consists of VERY common words, especially in spiritual circles. Oops!

Hopefully, no one will sue me. I can change the name of my site, but I don’t want to change the domain name because that would cost money.

I’m continuing to like my therapy sessions. I have 4 free ones left (a reminder to myself). Unfortunately, she is discontinuing her weekend sessions. 😦 Why??? I scheduled my next appointment for June 20th – a Wednesday at 7 PM. At least, she has evening/night hours. I only found her because she had Sunday hours. Anyhow, I have decided I’m going to use therapy to get over my social anxiety. It will probably be very hard. But I want to do Skype tarot readings and to do that, I have to overcome my fear of public speaking.

I think she is going to want me to join Toastmasters or something. Groan. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that. Whatever works. I have to come up with 10 things that scare me and rank them from least to worst.  How about everything scares me? Seriously. Well, everything concerning PEOPLE. Luckily, I think I have at least two weeks before I have to do my list. Just thinking about that makes me anxious.

My dad saved the weekend! My mom told him I said that we didn’t get a break between winter and summer. So my electric bill continues to be a little high. (Not as high as it should be because I have it pretty hot in the house). I did NOT give her permission to tell him that. I don’t even know why she said that! Normally I get pissed when people say something I said to them in private. But in this case, not so much. He gave me $80 to help pay my electric bill!!! YAY.

He gave me cash so instead of depositing that into the bank, I used the cash to pick up a few things I need for my trip this weekend. I bought a queen-sized sheet. And I bought a blanket. I also picked up some other things I didn’t have on my budget. Nothing “bad”. Stuff I need like Clarispray. I think my allergies are getting worse. I used to use Clarispray twice a week or less. Last week I had to use it 3 days in a row! That has never happened.

Now I feel bad for only getting him a card for Father’s Day. I got him a pen with his name engraved on it for his birthday. I can tell he really liked that. I dunno. I just feel a little bad. But I think he only expects a card.

Well, I have to go work on my website. Hopefully, it won’t be too frustrating. 😉 Should I have gone with WordPress instead? Maybe. But I doubt I switch now. Bye!

I wanna make some mistakes



7 days until my cabin Getaway

I’ve been a bad, bad, girl. I ordered food delivery this week. 😦 It’s not only wasting money. It is also unhealthy. Not that all the food I’m eating at home is healthy since I’m trying to lower my grocery budget.

I need to stop worrying about my weight. I’m just used to being the thin girl. Prior to starting Abilify, people would come up to me to tell me how thin I was! It was weird. I think people wanted me to say thank you (??), but I didn’t always say it. Because is it really a compliment to be unnaturally thin? Is that something everyone should aspire to? Thin didn’t make me happy. Most of the time when I was underweight, I was severely depressed, so I know being thin has nothing to do with happiness.

I do miss my old body though. Sigh. Since I’m on Abilify and birth control, I don’t think I’m getting it back anytime soon. I don’t worry about it as much as I am self-conscious.

As Senate prepares to take up marijuana legislation, public views have moved steadily in favor of legalization. But significantly more Republicans say marijuana use should be illegal (55%) than legal (43%).

That’s very interesting. I’m surprised 43% of them say it should be legal because I know most Republicans don’t give a damn about mass incarceration. Hmmm. For me, it is mostly a racial and prison issue. I don’t think people should be locked up for marijuana. Plus blacks and whites use it on the same level, yet more blacks are locked up. I don’t think I would ever try marijuana even if it were legal. Why? Because I’m too damn old! LOL. I don’t want to mess up my remaining brain cells. I’m also worried about other side effects.  I’m not judging people who use it. I don’t care at all. It doesn’t affect me…unless a person is high behind the wheel of a car. Just like alcohol!

I would consider using it for my anxiety, but I’ve had bad reactions to other legal herbal stuff. I became very depressed for a few hours after trying something over the counter that people swear works for anxiety.  So I’m also scared to use marijuana because of that. Alcohol depresses me sometimes. But the last time I had alcohol (on my birthday in Asheville, NC a couple of years ago), I didn’t get depressed at all. I was also in a jacuzzi. Moving on…

One thing that bothers me about the possible legalization of marijuana everywhere (in the States) is that I found out that doesn’t automatically mean that the people in prison now for marijuana charges will go free. That might sound obvious, but I just assumed that their record would be wiped. How naive is that? I study the “justice” system. I should know better, but when someone pointed out that those people will still be in jail…I was thinking WTF??

Speaking of politics. I am supposed to vote in a primary on Tuesday, but I think I’m bailing. I don’t care who wins. Yay, for apathy. I will vote in November. I usually do vote in the primaries.  I vote for everything.  Anyway, this year I do like one candidate better than the other. One candidate (a white male Democrat) calls the lack of prison reform racist. Yes, he used the R word. The local woman doesn’t do that. She seems hesitant to take a hard stance on issues. I’m giving her a break because what if she’s thinking she has to hold back because she’s a female? Ugh. This is why I’m not voting. See everybody in November.

I did an update on my free tarot reading offer because I realized I’m going to have to do love readings and all that if I go with job option B. I can’t just focus on careers if I’m going to work for someone else. So now I need to practice on real and fake people for relationship questions. I’ve been focusing on career questions when I have been practicing. When I do my offers in the facebook groups, I will just say, “ask anything”. However, when I open my website, as of right now, I just want to focus on career questions.

I just discovered the best thing ever! I get 1TB of storage space on the cloud since I subscribe to Microsoft 365. I pay 6.95 a month for it, but it can be cheaper if it is paid annually. I’m backing up my stuff as I type. I’m so glad I don’t have to pay for another service. I knew I had space, but 1TB??!! Hello? Yay. 🙂

This week I…

Musi of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Janelle Monae, Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello, Rachel Sage, Kate Rusby, Kanye West, Kacey Musgraves, The Weeknd

TV of the week: NBA playoffs, 13 Reasons Why

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: The Lowe Post, Septic, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Why is This Happening?

Books of the week: 

Now reading –

What the Truth Sounds Like: Robert. F Kennedy, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America by Michael Eric Dyson

Plans for the Weekend: I’m working overtime on Saturday. I was scared OT wasn’t going to be offered this month, but they finally asked. I don’t work OT every day even though I could starting this Saturday. That is my version of self-care. I would be so stressed. It’s not worth it even though I could use the extra money.

Not much going on this weekend. I need to pack everything I can. I still haven’t fully unpacked from Los Angeles!<

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Obstacles are detours

I got more info about my DC Getaway. I’m not pleased with the new dog information. Um, they don’t want any dog hair on their bed or linens. LOL. That’s understandable, but really? So what I have to do now is buy a queen size sheet to cover the bed and a full-size something so that I can have cover. I can’t sleep without something on me. It doesn’t matter how hot is it; I have to have cover.

I did my grocery shopping on Saturday. I happened to come in under budget, so I have cash leftover. I was going to use that cash to pay for my groceries on June 23. Now I have to use that to buy linens for the cabin/tiny house. 😦 Where is my dog supposed to sleep? On the floor? My dog laughs at that idea!  It is a tiny house. There will probably barely be room for his crate*. Of course, he is going to sleep on the bed. UGH. My dog doesn’t shed a lot. But he does shed. I don’t want to mess up their cabin so I will follow the rules. Plus, I don’t want to get charged for dog hair. Whatever.

*I’m only going to leave him in his crate when I’m in the shower. I don’t trust my dog enough to leave him out while I can’t see him in a new place. Showers can’t take long because there is limited water. They call a 10-minute shower long! LOL. I consider a 20-minute shower long. I will probably set a timer for 5 minutes while I’m in the shower. I don’t want to run out of water.

I have an hour long tarot card reading scheduled for June 14. That’s one day before I leave for my trip. I’m so excited. It is going to be on Skype. I’ve never had a reading like this before. Since I’m new, I got 20% off. I paid $44.00 for it. It isn’t in my June budget, but it doesn’t matter because I paid for this on May 31! I cheated. 😉 Can’t wait. This will be the last reading I pay for. Well, I’ve only paid for one other reading.

Now onto the ‘job’ opportunities. There are two tarot reading opportunities I can apply for. One is option A, and the other is option B. Option A is harder to get because I would have to do a LIVE reading on camera with the head of the company (even though I will only do email readings if I get approved). I know I’m not ready to do that now, so there’s no point in applying. But I will apply shortly. Option B is easier to get. I just need a $50 webcam, a good quality microphone, and a nice background. That’s it. I can do that.

Option B scares me because it is just people looking at you while you are sitting there. You can’t see them. And then they can ask you for a reading, and you do the reading live and on camera (not in front of everyone – one on one). Horrifying, right? They rate you after the reading so if I suck, everyone will know. I don’t want to take anyone’s money and not give a good product. That’s very important to me.

Anyhow, I need the practice and the money, so I need to do Option B, but first I need to do more FREE readings. I also need to buy the camera, a backdrop (fabric) and a better microphone. I would like to get started on there by August 1. I will be finished with my class by then so I will have more time to dedicate to free readings.

I’m glad I have those two options. I wish I could do option A now. However, I don’t feel confident enough to give a live reading to the head of the company. The pay isn’t great for either option. For one company, the pay is something like $6.00 for a 20-minute reading! That’s really low.  But it’s great practice, and it is extra money. Plus the person that recommended both of these companies is someone I trust.  I want to do work at both companies at the same time. A lot of people do that.

Truck driving school costs $4,500 where I live. Probably not doing it…ever. But who knows? I know I’m not going into debt to do it. That’s for sure. I’m not going into debt for anything except emergencies. I’m scared of driving a big truck. We just had an accident here involving a truck. Someone died. I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. I don’t want to make decisions based on fear. I dunno. I’m still thinking it through. If I feel like it’s my only option, I’m probably going to try driving school (if I can pay with no debt).

Therapy. I was charged $25 for my appointment this Sunday. UGH. It was a mistake I unknowingly made, but they won’t refund me. I should have scheduled it differently. So I still have five more free visits, and then I will have to pay a $25 copay. At least, I finally have the amount I have to pay confirmed. I don’t know about going to therapy weekly. Cognitive behavioral therapy is not supposed to last forever. Ideally, after I finish the workbook, I should be done. That should take less than 10 sessions. After the 10 sessions, maybe we could meet monthly. I do like working with her. I wish our time together were an hour instead of 45 minutes. Oh well.

Training is kicking my ass right now. I’m off work, but I’m reviewing what we went over in training. I’d much rather be working on my tarot class or doing anything fun.  I also mowed the front yard today. It wasn’t that hot. It was about 83 degrees. I think I might do the back tomorrow. It’s either mowing the lawn or going to the park.

Gotta get back to reviewing training stuff. Bye!

Just let me live my life


15 days until my weekend getaway

I went to the tarot coaching call on Monday night. We have three more calls left before the class ends. I’m not going to any more of them. No, I’m not letting them “win.” I’m simply not advanced enough to participate in this class. To be more specific, I cannot do this shit LIVE and on camera. This is why I want to do email and YouTube readings in the future. Everything is not for everyone.

Julie (not her real name) clearly doesn’t want to be paired with me for readings because I don’t talk enough. I guess I’m not engaged enough. And probably other things.  She mentioned that so I know that to be true. Other people probably feel that way too. Some people are nice. But others are not so understanding of shy, introverted people. That seems to be the norm in the Western world. For all I know, Julie could be an introvert too. Whatever. It’s not about her.

The video meeting on Monday went okay, but when we were doing advanced channeling, I saw next to NOTHING. Why? Because I was so nervous and anxious. When I do channeling on my own, I do see things. I saw my spirit guide. I got a message. Anyway, I think I did okay on the reading. I read for Vera (not her real name). She asked a similar question to another person 2 weeks ago, and I pulled the same card for the present she got last time from another reader! So I think I’m good at doing the tarot. I’m just not good LIVE.

I’m excited about starting my tarot reading website. I will probably start working on it this summer. Yep, that is much sooner than I had originally planned. I’m off for a week starting July 30th. I would like to work on it full-time then. I’m going to start doing free career readings on Facebook very soon. I’m looking for places to start advertising. The one place I picked doesn’t seem keen on career readings. Everyone wants to know about their love life or how a person near death is doing. My mom has been asking for another reading, btw. So I must not suck that much. 😉

UPDATE: I could erase this whole entry. So much has changed since yesterday. But I will keep this up. Nothing bad happened, but I have 2 new ways I could make extra money. However, I’m not applying for another 6 weeks. More on all this later.

I have kind of decided what I want to do if I lose my job suddenly within the next two years. I either want to get my CDL license and drive a truck or move to Grenada, Nicaragua. If you knew me, you would ROFL about me getting my CDL license. I grew up terrified of big trucks…even when they were parked! I’m still kind of scared. But maybe if I get trained, I would be okay??? Lol.

Truck drivers get paid decently ($45,000 to $80,000 seems to be the range) and you get to do your own thing AKA not much dealing with other people. I’m not motivated by money, but I am motivated by spending hours by myself. Plus, my dog MIGHT be able to be with me every day (like he is now). I did some research, and police officers apparently don’t respect truck drivers at all. Sigh. I didn’t know that until I read many drivers complaints.  All of these complaints were from white males, btw. Of course, cars don’t respect truck drivers. I see that when I’m driving. And a female truck driver? Need I say anymore? Drawbacks include I wouldn’t be able to work on my tarot business easily or at all and drive a truck. And my dog might not be able to be with me on the truck. It seems to depend on the company. There’s also the training which isn’t cheap. I think the price range is $3,000 to $6,000. Ouch. If I were to get a job quickly after training, that price isn’t bad. But who knows?

The other option is moving out of the United States. I would move to Nicaragua. I’m also considering other places. The places I’m considering retiring to are multiple cities in South America, Central America or maybe Mexico. In fact, I’m planning on retiring and moving out of the US as soon as I can. I need to get rid of ALL debt first. Back to Nicaragua. I think that is best for NOW. I wouldn’t stay there forever.

I’ve been looking at house rentals in Grenada, Nicaragua. I would consider apartments, but what if the walls are thin like in America? I can’t live like that. Been there. On the other hand, what if the walls are much thicker? Then I would consider a condo/apartment. Since I don’t know about the walls, it has to be a house. I see a great house on the market now. It is $350 a month. 1 bedroom, 1 bath. It’s furnished. The rent includes a cleaning service. My concern would be safety. It is in the city center but can I walk to the grocery store alone? I won’t have a car, so another requirement is that I’m able to walk or take decent transportation to get necessities.

It’s a gorgeous house. It has a nice outside patio like area. Too bad I can’t grab that now. Can it stay on the market for 2-3 years? 😉 I’m also concerned about internet access. I need the internet to run my tarot business or to make any kind of money. If I were retired, I wouldn’t be concerned about the internet. Of course, I’m also concerned about my dog. I have to be able to take my dog. Some of the houses I was looking at in South America, do not allow dogs. 😦 I don’t know about this particular house in Grenada.

I just feel *a little* better with plans if I lose my job suddenly. Yes, even though the thought of driving a truck is a little scary, it excites me. I just wish the training were a little cheaper, but maybe I will be able to afford it in cash if I pay off my debt. I’ve wanted to move out of the US since I was 12. Needless to say, moving temporarily to Grenada thrills me. No, I don’t hate the US. I just like adventure. The world is big. Why should I stay here? I just have my dog to worry about. I’m not staying here for anyone else.

Update on the credit card situation: The credit card company couldn’t figure out how someone put Facebook charges on the new card I never got. Well, now they locked the new card (which should come soon). So now I have TWO new cards coming. Sigh. I can’t wait until I have no debt and I don’t use that card anymore. Right now, I’m not using it. I’m just making payments. I have enough points to get a modest hotel. I wish I had enough for a flight. Not that I should be going anywhere far away.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Janelle Monae, Shawn Mendes, James Bay, Pusha T, Lissie, Amerie, Christina Aguilera, Camila Cabello

TV of the week: NBA playoffs, 13 Reasons Why

Cavs vs. Warriors. Once again, I do not care who wins. I don’t like one team more than the other. I just want good games. The only NBA teams I root for are the Lakers and the Wizards.

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: Fresh Air, Ted Talks Daily, True Crime Garage, The Kate and Mike show, Tarot for the Wild Soul, The Lowe Post

Books of the week: 

Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my The Charmed Life Planner


Plans for the Weekend: I have another therapy appointment this Sunday evening. Since it is free for at least 6 visits (I think), I’m going to do them weekly until they begin to charge. I got the workbook. It’s a typical cognitive-behavioral based book. I’ve only done chapter 1. I can’t remember how many chapters she told me to do before our next appointment.

As of right now, I’m not working overtime this weekend. I’m going grocery shopping, getting some reading done and I want to work on doing practice career tarot readings. I guess that is my first stop in working on my future website. I’m going to start packing what I can on Sunday.

Thanks for reading. Have a splendid weekend! 🙂

I don’t need a lot of cash

Guess who had a therapy session this evening? Yes, on a Sunday! Guess who didn’t leave her house to go to therapy? Guess who didn’t have to pay for the session? Gotta love ME. 😉 I don’t know what to think about the session. I feel like she wanted me to talk more or something. What a concept! Hello, not happening. It was okay. I don’t like that she has me buying an $18 workbook. I told her I was in debt. Anyway, I have the gift cards from my birthday and that will cover the cost.

I don’t know how many free sessions I have. I think it is 6 and then I would have to pay. I don’t mind paying a copay, but I’m not paying her whole rate. ($95 per session). The therapy was done like a Skype session. Thankfully I didn’t balk at that because I’m so used to being on camera for the tarot coaching calls. My health insurance book claims that telehealth sessions are NOT covered, so am I only allowed the 6 free sessions? Or is there an exception? Yes, I did call someone and she said I should only have to pay the copay. But she wasn’t sure. She was just guessing. Sigh.

I don’t need therapy bad enough to pay $95 for it. I was in therapy for a while, and it was helpful at one point to have someone to talk to, but then she just focused on another damn workbook on anxiety, and that didn’t help. So here we go again with another workbook. LOL. I know this stuff works most of the time if ya work it. I’m trying to be open-minded.

Anyway, I’m glad it is therapy through video. I hope it is helpful and I hope I never get charged $95 for a session. I also hope she doesn’t expect me to go every week. That would be $100 a month IF I only have to pay a copay (not bad at all, BUT I’m trying to cut bills). I will probably tell her I’m trying to save money and ask her if twice a month is okay. Only when I was in college did I need therapy weekly. That was a long time ago. I was very depressed. I’m dealing with general anxiety now, and I don’t think weekly is at all necessary.  Even twice a month was too much, and that is why I quit therapy last time. :/

Who can complain about free therapy? Me.

I worked on my June budget almost all day on Saturday and Sunday.  The result didn’t turn out to be as stressful as I thought it would be. I’m going to start buying my groceries with cash. I reviewed past receipts. I was spending about $120 a month on food. I don’t think that’s too bad. But I will probably try to lower it. It won’t happen this month because I’m going to a Costco like store this weekend. My grocery bill is always higher when I go there because I’m buying in bulk.

I’m not going to list my whole June budget (especially my debts – hah), but I will list some categories. Most of these amounts will change monthly.

  • electricity – $91.00
  • food – $130.00
  • clothes – $25.00
  • medicine – $37.00
  • gifts – $5.00
  • charity – $10.00
  • pet supplies- $49.00 (includes his insurance)
  • subscriptions – $61.00

For the record, I’m using Dave Ramsey’s budgeting sheets. Some of his category names I wouldn’t choose. For example, I wouldn’t put my dog’s insurance under pet supplies, but there isn’t a category for pet insurance. Next time, I will put my dog’s insurance under another category. I don’t have any “fun money” or anything for entertainment. I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I still have entertainment like Spotify and Hulu. Is it sad that I consider those things entertainment? I don’t think so. 😉

I don’t have to budget for medicine for the next two months. That’s good. And I won’t always spend money on clothes. I want a pair of shorts and a top for my short vacation coming up soon. I also have to save for my storm door. I didn’t budget that for June. Argh. I need to get some kind of quote on how much the installation will cost. The door I want is $208. I can go lower if necessary. I want my door installed by September 15. I’m hoping this will lower my electricity bill during the winter. My electric bill can be $250 (!!!) if it gets really cold.

Finally done with the budget and now I’m feeling overwhelmed with something else. I have my tarot coaching videocall Monday night. I didn’t do all the homework yet. I still have time, but I have to work and I’m going to my mom’s house. Etc. I hope it goes well. Or at least better than last time. Whatever. It’s not that serious. Don’t take things too seriously! Life lesson.

Something weird is going on. Someone keeps charging Facebook advertising fees to my credit card. I reported the first charge as fraud. They locked the card. I’m getting a new card in a couple of days. Then another Facebook advertising fee came up on the NEW card I haven’t even gotten yet. How is that possible when I haven’t activated the card? So strange. I’m going to call them maybe tomorrow. What is going on?

Gotta go. It’s getting late. I’m watching game 7. Cavs vs. Boston. I guess I’m rooting for the Cavs because it makes a better story. I don’t really care. I just saw that there is major flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland (near Baltimore). That’s scary. I hope everyone is safe.