initial thoughts on Le Tote

Le Tote has been branded as a Netflix for clothes. You pay a fee ($49) and you get clothes and accessories. You can send them back in 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. And then you get “new” clothes. You get to pick what you want if you choose to or they will pick for you base on what you like. New is in quotes because the clothes are used (but clean). LeTote has clothes/accessories from Jessica Simpson, Levi, Betsy Johnson, Nine West, BCBGeneration, French Connection and more.

I got my first LeTote box at a 20% discount on Thursday. I told them no dresses, skirts, bracelets, or shorts. So my box is pretty boring, but that is my fault. I work at home and it is getting cold so I don’t have a need for dresses even though their dresses and skirts look divine. Please don’t judge Le Tote based on my clothes I post here. 😉  Go to the website and you can see what they offer. (If you click on that link you get $25 off your first box or you can just go to

One more note: Even though I am kind of small (123 lbs and about 5’5″), I told them to send me medium tops because my stomach is not flat. One of the medium blouses was a little too big, but I’m wearing it anyway. The “stylist” sent me a small top that I did not choose. That was kind of snug. Once again I’m still wearing it. It would have been great in a medium. The medium sweater fit perfectly.

Anyway, here is what I got in box #1:

blouse by Octavia
Blouse by Summer & Sage
sweater by Fate
sweater by Fate
earrings by Noir Luxe
earrings by Noir Luxe
necklace by Ava
necklace by Ava

My favorite thing are the earrings. I thought it would be the necklace. I’m wearing those earrings every time I go out until I send these items back. Love them. I would keep them, but I’m trying to be good. (You can keep any item or all the items for a discount. The earrings are $20 with the discount).

If I worked in the office, I would totally keep this subscription. I like wearing different clothes. But since I go out only once or twice a week during the winter, I don’t need different clothes so I don’t know what I’m going to do. I would try Stitch Fix, but you don’t get to wear all the clothes. You can only try on their clothes and wear what you want to buy. That is the biggest difference between the two. I probably will try Stitch Fix this summer when I actually leave the house from time to time. 🙂  I’m sending this box back to Le Tote on November 10 because I want to wear the jewelry as much as possible.

Overall, I like Le Tote. I’m going to skip January since my lifestyle doesn’t call for new clothes that often. The biggest con for me is that some of the clothes come wrinkled. LOL. I hate ironing but luckily for me, I didn’t have to iron anything in this box. I don’t think the price is that bad because you get to wear all the clothes and accessories.

I will have more thoughts and maybe more posts on Le Tote once I get more clothes. These are just my initial thoughts.