anything could happen

I wuz here!!!1!
I was here.


Only four more full days of freedom! It feels so good to not have to set my alarm for 5AM. I love going to bed late and waking up around 8. But the best part is not having to think/worry about work. It frees up some of my mind. I’ve been mostly staying in so far. Today I went to two parks.

Park #1 is a favorite of mine. I usually go at least once a year.

my fav place

I use to volunteer in the gardens about 10 years ago. It was fun and hard work in the heat.

Today was my first visit to park #2. I didn’t stay long. It was nice but I had enough of the hot sun and walking around by the time I made it there. This park has an aquarium. I thought there would be mostly fish…no! They had my one of my favorite animals: turtles. I’ve done so much research on getting a turtle. Conclusion – they are too much work. (ha – shocking) I still want one though. I have to take my mom there. She loves turtles too.

park #2
park #2

I didn’t get any pictures of the turtles. Next time.

Park #2 is great for people with kids (playgrounds galore!), dogs, picnic lovers, people who like to fish, and people who like to walk trails. I walked part of a trail.  Park #1 is prettier and has more variety. It is  my favorite place in the city. But I will go back to park #2 to walk the trails and see the turtles again.

This is my book report on what I did today during my summer vacation.

I’ve been cramming a lot of studying in and it has felt good.  I’m sort of on schedule. The boards take place on July 19. (Have I mentioned that?) I think I can study every part or “chapter” before I take the test. I’m feeling much better now than I did when I was trying to work and study. I’m working on the 4th of July for half a day. No more full days off (besides Sundays) until after I take the boards.

I haven’t just been studying. I’ve been reading and knitting. Here is a look at my lace scarf so far:

scarf. 35% done?
scarf. 35% done?

Next time I don’t think I will use this type of yarn (cotton blend). I will probably use acrylic. I’m thinking of making more of these as gifts. This one is mine! 😉 It is purple so of course I’m keeping it. LOL at me thinking I would finish it this week. Yeah……..I’m going to keep going until I use all the yarn.

Gotta go. I’m watching the World Cup. Argentina v. Nigera. Oh I forgot, I have to get ready for the Jehovah Witnesses. She left me alone for about two whole months! Now she’s back. &^$# Really? I should go to water aerobics and miss her visit but I would feel terrible since she told me what time she was coming. Oh well.

I was supposed to go to the gym this week but today I walked a lot. No need to go to the gym. I might take Body Step on Sunday morning. I don’t know. I need to get back into weight lifting. Maybe after I take the boards, I will make a commitment.

I’m really going now.