I just want to add: I hate when people say “They knew what they were getting themselves into”. Um, NO ONE knows what it is really like to be famous until it happens…and then it is often too late.


The death of Whitney Houston has inspired some soul-searching in the music world. “I’m obsessed with why our heroes are not making it past 50,” Questlove told me on the Grammy red carpet as I interviewed him for Fuse. He sounded alarmed and said he now knows he must make changes in his life and in the lives of musicians around him. “I already gave my whole band the speech. We gotta live different. Lack of sleep, not watching what we eat, extra patron in the rider. No more. I wanna be old. This is a wake-up call like no other. And I’m obsessed with the health of everybody I know in this industry.” He’s already in the process of hiring a trainer and a nutritionist. “I’m not worried about bullets, I’m worried about strokes. Strokes are the new bullets.”

Whitney was 48 years young, and we don’t yet know…

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