The Summer Of Discontent (w/photos)

How I spent my last weekend of summer. It was risky to go to the beach this time of year. Only do if you can cancel w/a refund. Lucky for us, the weather was nice. The waves weren’t so nice. Some athletes were trying to do an event on the beach but the waves were too bad. I also got caught up in some big waves. Sorta. I’d never walked the beach with waves that big so I had no idea how powerful the water was! I almost fell. If I didn’t have my digital camera in my hand, I think I would have just let go. 🙂 Have I mentioned that I can’t swim?

suite kitchen
The hotel was nice. It was newly renovated. All of the guest rooms are suites. They sell timeshares. I’m guessing they can’t be too expensive considering it was a really simple suite. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but it wasn’t a Wyndham Suite or anything. My only complaint was the thin walls. I’ve stayed at a few hotels in this area and I’ve never heard so much noise. I could hear the guys playing volley ball, the lifeguards constantly blowing their whistles and the neighbors.

I love that I had my own room with a view (taken from inside the room):

picture window

The waves weren’t turbulent but to me they were a little much. This was the last pic I took before I thought I was going to lose my balance.


Quiet beach morning (taken from balcony) –


At the end of the boardwalk…near the “private” beach


I went to a Mexican restaurant for take out. I could have eaten there. In fact, none of the restaurants were crowded. I’ve wanted to taste Mexican food. That was on the agenda for back home. Anyhow, I should have tried something different. I just hate spicy foods so that makes me want to stick with the familiar. Below is the enchilada and rice.

too much rice

I also ate crab cake for the first time while there. That is extremely odd (for anyone?) for where I live. Besides I come from the land of “crab cakes and football”. Apparently. I had broiled crab. Awesome. No pic. 🙂

This is the only pic that made me go WTF and “You must be kidding!”

oh god no!

I have to admit it is a very pretty tree. That is why I took the pic. But Xmas in September? Or anytime? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

My new beach towel. I always represent, yo!


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