shocking doctors

…and nurses. I seem to do a good job at it.

Phone call

Me: I was wondering if you could recommend an over the counter drug for nausea.

Registered Nurse: No. Blah blah. We are nurses. How long have you had nausea?

Me: Um, years. Probably 4-5 years.


Me: Yes. 😉

(lot of questions about medical history blah blah).

RN: Go to the doctor TODAY or to the hospital if you can’t reach or don’t have a doctor.

ROFL. Needless to say, I did neither. Oh well. Still nauseous. Um, does anyone know of a good OTC drug for nausea? I know of one for diarrhea plus nausea. But taking that every day??? I can’t imagine. In fact I don’t even have any because it is expensive. I’ve lived with nausea for YEARS (years??!) so I’ll keep going.

She had an accent. I want to say Jamaican but I don’t know the difference between “the island” accents. I wanted her to be my grandmother. (No offense to my actual grandmother). It was too funny. She was really baffled/shocked.
I’m returning the Asperger book (link below) to the library this weekend. Since I’m not as articulate about the whole social thing, I’m going to type out the small section on being normal just to make sure my therapist really gets it. I don’t have time to type it out all tonight. I’ll finish up tomorrow.

I’ll post more about the book later. It is really eye opening. To over generalize, I think this is the difference between a male with Asperger’s (or autism) and a female with Asperger’s. The female aspies I know have had similar experiences to me while HE had a totally different experience. He could have ended up in jail. Thank Buddha he was a semi-savant or he would not be where he is today.

People approach me, uninvited, and make unsolicited statements. When they don’t get the response they expect, they become indignant. If I offer no response at all, they become indignant at that. So there is no way for me to win.

Given that line of reasoning, why talk to people at all? Well many autistic people don’t, possibly for that very reason. But for some reason I want the Lauries of the world to like me. To not think I’m weird. I can be eccentric, but I don’t want to be weird. So I persist. I try to say things a ‘normal’ person would say.

-John Elder Robison

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! He has put into words my feelings. Maybe I haven’t done a good job at expressing them. Or maybe I’m so over trying to be normal that at this point…who cares?

There is much more but this validated how I’ve felt for years.


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