I’m currently trying to get 70+ points with one word in Scrabble. I know there is a word amidst these letters but I can’t figure it out. I know that I can probably cheat by searching the net but I’ve never done that. I’ve been stuck at the “pro” level for about 6 months. Lol. There are only two more levels. It seems impossible to beat the computer at this point. I love playing Scrabble and Monopoly. I’m way better at Monopoly. (shocking!) I have my technique down.

Woo. I just finished mowing my lawn and ugh! At least I don’t have to physically go to the gym this weekend. (Goal: to have a homemade gym in my dream house). I tried to mow it yesterday but just gave up over 20 minutes because the grass was too wet and too hard to cut. No therapy homework this week since I did two things last week. (Slacker!) I’m only going to the library and post office. I know it seems like I go to the library every week but I rarely spend more than 30 minutes there. Let’s say our library isn’t comfortable especially if you want space. I know this will sound snobby especially if you don’t know me…but our library is a hangout for the homeless*. Which is great for them. But no one NOT homeless hangs out there. People just check out stuff and leave unless there is an art show or play for kids etc.

*I don’t negatively judge the homeless because I know that I’m LESS than a paycheck away from being homeless. Most of the homeless have mental issues and then the current economy etc. I just know that could be me. In a way I feel blessed that I’m not homeless considering my life but I don’t want to go there…

If you haven’t noticed this entry will be all over the place. I haven’t posted in forever and I have 100 things I’ve wanted to say since my last post.

I do have a tons of things I must do inside my house however. I’m getting motivated by these free planners from Productive Flourishing. THANK YOU! I’ve just printed out the monthly one for now since August is almost over. I can’t wait to start with September. (geek alert!)

This entry is so random, I have to just end it. 🙂 …but not before I mention my lovely coworkers. I know trying to get into their head is a mistake. They are scared to say anything TO ME. They aren’t scared of me. Unfortunately. At least I don’t think so. I know it is wrong to find this humorous (because it could cause me my job for one thing). It took them 1 day to say something simple to me. And then they have a GO TO person. I find that condescending because it could not be more obvious. Do they think I’m that dumb? There’s more.

And then when the new supervisor (thankfully she’s not too scared…yet) HAD to say something because well she is the supervisor. So she says it reallllllllllllllllly sllooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww like. I. can’t. understand. normal. pace. talking.

ROFL. I went from being the brilliant nerd (in school settings) to being slow (in any social/work setting). I read the Asperger’s message boards enough to know that this is common behavior from social folks. If you don’t talk you must be dumb. I don’t know where they get that from. I’m too stupid to figure that out.

After the supervisor said something to be about doing something* everyone had to do, Dx sees her talking to me and says, “Sorry, someone has to do it.” As if, as if what? As if I’m dumb enough to think this chick likes me? Or maybe I’m reading into to much. Maybe Dx was being sincere (lol) and it wasn’t just for me to hear. I know no human being is going to like me. Once again, how dumb do these people think I am? SIGH.

*something I did weeks ago because I am a total geek.

Like I said this whole scared-to-talk-to-me thing would be funny if I couldn’t lose my job because of it.

Not funny. 😦

Between trying to figure out the Scrabble word, I have to transfer money into my college book fund and emergency savings. I haven’t sent anything to my ER fund since April. I think it is smarter to pay debt off first before putting too much into the ER fund but I can still put a little something in there.


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