The joy of summer

Like John Mayer says often during this time of year: “Summer isn’t over”. Yeah well…I am going to the beach with my mom in about 5 weeks so I’m stretching my summer out a little. I’m not getting excited about this trip because it is during hurricane season. However, we did get a suite* at a low cost due to it being a lil’ off season.

*Suite meaning my mom gets the king bed and I’ll be sleeping on a sofa bed. That’s fine with me. I’m just excited to stay at a place we normally couldn’t afford in June!

Back on topic: This summer had it’s ups and downs. Mostly downs. LOL. But some good things did happen this summer –

#1. This is truly the best thing that happened this summer. John Mayer. Getting there and just the whole weekend was a major stress fest. I had so much anxiety but once John hit that stage it was, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. It was more than I ever dreamed. It was simply awesome. BTW, I’m doing well with my John Mayer rehab. I don’t think about him much. I only listen to audio of the concert about 4 days a week and then I rarely listen to the whole show. I’m thinking of going to see him ever summer (where is the diversity though?….) so maybe the rehab isn’t going great.

#2. I took two summer classes. I got two “A”s!! Yay! I will never do that again. Have I mentioned how glad I am that I’m currently not in school?

#3. The heat/drought. Yes this is purely selfish. But I went 6 weeks without having to mow the lawn. It was wonderful. It will probably never happen again. In fact my lawn is back on it regular schedule. (Which should be every week but I really try for 10-14 days). This was the hottest summer for this area and I enjoyed it.

#4. I went from doing average every quarter for 2 years to among the best at my job this quarter/summer. I have no idea how this happened. I have been bored out of my mind.

#5. Finally my ebay items sold. The auctions ended today. Now I’m a bundle of nerves so I won’t say anymore about this one.

The end. NYC also happened. But that was spring. Someone asked me, “Are you going to New York next year?” My response: “NO!” I loved it dearly but wow, the thought of going back so soon is too much. Let’s just say it is not an introvert’s paradise. I prefer the beach.

I had stopped checking in on Tristan Prettyman’s blog because well, she stopped updating. I was going through some bookmarks and I noticed an older post I had never read. Here’s hoping this post brings you joy or inspires you like it did me.

I think one of the biggest ephinays I had this year (or maybe even this decade) is that we can do whatever we want. Whenever we want. And none of it matters. By saying to ourselves we are this, we are that, by labeling ourselves. We are really limiting ourselves. We can be anything and everything, or none of it. You can be the teacher, the student, or the kid that ditches class and smokes pot in the parking lot.

I love surfing, I love playing music, I love yoga. I like super green spiralina acai shakes and kelp noodles with green sauce. I love a good glass of wine and a rolled cigarette. I love pizza and chocolate, I like laying around in my pajamas all day. I like waking up early and going to check the waves. I love writing music and sitting in the living room creating tracks on garage band. I love drinking whiskey and dancing on tables and running around like a gypsy woman on acid at burning man. I love taking photos and dating and giving everyone a chance (just cause you go on a date, or go out on a limb, doesn’t meant you gotta get married tomorrow!) I love great conversations and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I love doing laundry and reading. I like laying by the fire and watching movies. I like cuddle time as much as I do my alone time. And somedays wake up and I want a burger and a beer and I LOVE THAT!

At the end of the day, I love it all.

I think what’s important here, is that we just do our best. Strive for a nice balance. Take it day by day, and remember to breath. Some days you are gonna make a less than great decision, but from those decisions we most definitely always realize something and learn a bit about ourselves. We are all beautiful, unique, and in bloom. We are constantly growing.

Its amazing to think back on the past year, and the past decade for that matter. 10 years ago I was just graduating highschool. I was still teaching myself how to play guitar, I hadnt barely sung in front of a single soul. I had never had a boyfriend, I had never been in love. I had never lived on my own. I wanted to be a clothing rep for Volcom. I had never been anywhere except Las Vegas, Mammoth and Mexico. Now 10 years later, Ive traveled all over the world, I make a living playing music, I live on my own. Ive been in love. I collect surfboards, and guitars. I love photography, I love doing laundry and I can do headstands! Wow…What a difference a decade makes.

My wish for you, for 2010. Do what makes you happy.

Acknowledging your surroundings, be apart of your community.
Branch out, get challenged, stay put, be content.
Do it all, be it all.
Do what makes you happy.

Whatever it may be. Enjoy yourself.

Wierd that she hadn’t updated in a while but tonight she updated that she is going on a club tour! Without a new record, I presume. Have fun TP fans. I don’t think she’s coming here. I still want to go to a club even if the thought brings panic. If Tristan comes, I’m going.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.


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