62% battery remaining

Which really means I have 30 minutes left. Ack, people are walking behind me. They can see what I type. Freak out.

This is therapy crap.

My dog is getting pampered. My mom and I went out to eat breakfast but that probably doesn’t count since it wasn’t solo. I ended up eating breakfast food…of course. But this was at 8AM and this place is known for its pancakes.

Now I’m at a food court. I had no idea they would have free Wi-FI. It’s unsecured. LOL. But I’m only here to post this blog. I’ll be logging off in 5 minutes. I brought my laptop because I knew I didn’t want to go into any stores. But I just found out that most of the stores don’t open until noon. I didn’t know that. Therapy point: I SPOKE TO SOMEONE. He asked me, “Is everything closed?” I replied, “Yes. As far as I know most places don’t open until 12.” He left. I do see some of the food chains opening now.

Edit: I also made eye contact with a poodle in the restaurant. I even looked at the owner. I knew the owner wouldn’t bite since she was about 20 feet away.

This is only important to document since I’m not going to Barnes and Nobles anymore. They think I’m a thief.

Okay. Logging off. Back to work. I’m doing actual work “off hours”. It is for MYSELF.*

*said to protect myself from getting in trouble for working at home. No such thing as an overachiever at this place.


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