I’m soooo not over it.

Why am I even posting now? Cuz I don’t have my paper journal with me. I’m not going to B&N again. This would only happen to me. Only me. No one else. ROFL.

So my cat punched me and I think my face looks like a human punched me. My lip is dark and a little swollen. At least it stopped bleeding. Then I couldn’t find clean socks. See, this is why I don’t go out unless I have to. It is too much work.

I went to the book store. I had fun browsing the books. I copied the isbn’s of about 9 books that I would like to own. I also brought a résumé and cover letter book called The Only Resume and Cover Letter Book You’ll Ever Need: 600 Resumes for All Industries 600 Cover Letters for Every Situation 150 Positions from Entry Level to CEO. It comes with a CD-ROM which will make it easy to do my résumé again. I lost my beloved resume on my old computer 3-4 years ago. I have new things to add to it so why not start when I have a job?

Of course the book is cheaper on Amazon which makes me wonder why anyone goes to a bookstore…unless you need it NOW…which I didn’t. I hate going into stores and not buying anything. That was the main reason I didn’t want to go to B&N. Or it could have been any store. At least I love books and I know I’m not going to spend money on anything other than a reference book.

This is getting wordy. I had the intent of going into the store and just browsing. But I went to the career section and saw the best resume book ever. I had to have it. Plus, I feel anxious about leaving the store without buying anything (thief!). So what happens when I leave? The store alarm -not too loud like some stores- goes off. This has happened to me tons because I do tend to buy electronics and they never scan it right. No big deal, right?

That’s what I thought. However, the security guard scanned the book. It wasn’t the book. I put my purse through. It wasn’t the purse. IT WAS SOMETHING ON ME. Thank god, I didn’t bring a sweater like I normally would to an air conditioned space. I just had on a t-shirt and jeans so they know I didn’t steal anything.

Conclusion: Hell no, I’m not going back in there 3 more times in 3 weeks. The same security guard will be there. And of course I’m not sure he knows I didn’t steal anything. I could have had something in my pocket…like a bookmark? or something really, really small. I did have my keys in my pocket. Funny thing is that I did that because I didn’t want to open my purse to make it look like I was stealing something. I also had a metal necklace on…Does that? oh whatever.

Only I could write 500 words of nonsense about going to a bookstore. I mean WTF?

Fuck it.


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