faux housewives of metro dc/va

I’m not going to start a Real Housewives of VA fansite. I’m not in like with anyone on the show. But OMG, fascinating. A lot of people are saying “boring”. Hmm, the NYT gave it a rave review. Yes they gave a HW franchise a good review. Why? Because this show has substance. It is about the social side of politics. In DC (where these women socialize some of the time), people claim to hate politics. However, all they do is talk about it! Just like Hollywood. They hate it. But everyone is talking about the next script or their audition etc.

This is the stuff politics nerds live for. And even if you are a transplant to DC or VA, you eventually get sucked in. DC = politics all the time. You get bored. You turn on CSPAN. Not kidding.

Of course most of DC hates it because they hate everything…but they are watching!

From the Washington Post:

Finally, the word D.C.: Always the ultimate artificial no place, adhering to no map or agreed-upon boundary, having nothing to do with the greater Washington area where many of us live and work normally, having nothing to do even with the “Washington” glimpsed in our many glossy society magazines, but nevertheless serving as a surreal backdrop for the newest of Bravo’s five permutations of “The Real Housewives” true-life soap opera.

How can it be embarrassing to DC when there is no DC? They take themselves too seriously. This is a silly TV show. Get off your high horse for a second.

Anyway for non DC snobs and non TV snobs, enjoy it. I don’t think folks in Cali, Iowa, or Alabama are going to watch it and love it as much as “we” do so I fear that the ratings may not grant them a second season. Or they will bring on new housewives. Who knows?

I’ve only seen the show once so I don’t have a ton to say about it. Random thoughts:

*Could it be more obvious that Cat is not a from the DC area? LOL. I don’t have good sound on my TV but I’m assuming she also has a British accent. 🙂

*Yes the “integrate the salon” thing was naïve/silly. HOWEVER, a good business person would do that. You could live really well and probably retire a millionaire if you do it right. I know she (the Kennedy chick) wasn’t speaking of the business aspect but smart and aggressive people know that to make money owning a salon, integrate. Totally random and not the point, I know.

*The black chick – I would call her the real estate chick- but since she is the only black woman on the show… I feel bad that people are going to say, “she brings up race all the time”. Please, this is Bravo. Yeah she said it to the camera on a one on one but whatever. Let the season play out before you hate her. I was drooling over the houses she was showing. Me want!

*The modeling agency owner – wait, who knew they had a big agency – I have to get the name. I’m just curious. She says Michaela (spelled wrong) is scary thin. Um, they look the same size to me. M isn’t that thin. Some people are naturally thin. Just because you can see bones doesn’t mean they don’t eat. Chances are they have a good metabolism if they don’t work out all the time.

*I can’t believe the Kennedy chick is old enough to be married for 24 years! She is the “likable chick” but I will still call her Kennedy. (In case you didn’t watch, she grew up with the Kennedy’s. Stayed at their house etc.)

*One thing I thought was weird was when Cat said that Clinton Powell and Bush (or some other Republican) lived in McLean, Virginia. STILL? Does Colin Powell still have a house there? He hasn’t worked in DC for years.

*I wish where I lived political views would be treated like they are in DC. But less people where I live work for the government. Stacie (real estate chick – finally googled) said DC is conservative. True but not as conservative as where I am.

*I love DC but I am so glad I do not live there. The traffic is atrocious. Muah.

*I’m sure I would have more to say if I wasn’t doing 8 things while ‘watching the show’. I might even know their names!


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