Cristina Me Barcelona

I’m bored with work. I shouldn’t be complaining about this because things/duties are going to change very soon. I’m going to work 15 hours of OT this month (if we can). I’m doing it on the weekend because I can barely get through a 8 hour day (due to tiredness). I’m only doing it because I need money for books for the winter semester. 50% of overtime earnings will go into my book fund. 5% into my emergency savings. And the rest to pay regular bills. I have to amp myself up somehow. Um, woohoo book fund!

I need some paper journal time so bad. It’s too late for that tonight. I’m trying this new go-to-bed-early thing which is really boring. And this entry is equally boring but I checked my stats for the first time in about 6 months and no one cares. I only checked one day of stats but I can tell that people are finding this blog randomly. So whatever. I can say what I want.

I had the best afternoon recently. On Monday, I came home took a quickie nap. Then I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona (a movie) It was far better than I expected. I also got some reading done. Then I went to bed. PERFECT. I don’t want to do that everyday….well I probably could. LOL. Nah, it would be boring. I like doing new stuff. It has been months since I’ve watched a DVD.

I didn’t think I would like the movie that much because I’m not a Penelope Cruz fan but she isn’t in the movie that much. And she plays her part well. It is mostly Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem. Of course I could relate to Scarlett’s character the most (minus the sexual escapades…and wanting to shack up with a guy). I could relate to her accepting that she is a LOVER of art, not an artist. (That changes a little bit…not a spoiler). What is wrong with just appreciating art? Hmm, I loved that movie. 4/5 stars.


Any movie with Patricia Clarkson is worth watching even though her part was small in VCB.

Shit at work.

I get frustrated. Am I allowed to have a bad day…ever?? Screw these people. They will never get it. I only do because I live it. To hell with them. Not that I believe in an actual Hell. Just a saying.


Well I’m old and boring so I’ve gotta go to bed. I just heard thunder. Perfect timing.


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