shock and awe

Well not really. Today sucked. *whine*

I really know it could be worse. I’ve been there but my irritability is off the charts. I’m always tired. Everything annoys me. And work wasn’t great.

I’m taking two summer courses. (never again – yeah right!) I’m going to a concert out of town in July. That is supposed to be fun but I’m dreading it. I really want to stay the night but this place doesn’t have the cheapest hotels. It’s at the beach. I was planning on staying at a super 8…if I can find one nearby. I used and of they don’t have rooms on there. (They normally do but I waited too long. I like to use because when I book 10 nights, I’ll get a free hotel for one night. Woohoo! Getting there…).

And I have two days off in September. My mom wants to go to the beach. Um, hurricane season. But she’s paying. So….I’ll go. 🙂 The beach is by far my favorite travel destination. You couldn’t pay me to go to NYC right now. heh. (In two years…maybe.) I like the quiet. The water. The sounds of the waves.

And I have to go to the doctor….in July. Well I don’t have to but wouldn’t it be great if I could NOT be so tired? What if there is a physical reason? It is affecting my work & school.
Shock & awe.

Well I emailed my boss. I hate how email can be misinterpreted. However, I should have spelled out what I meant since she sometimes sends long emails. I just thought (due to my past actions) that it was obvious. Now I’m thinking what if she thought I was trying to be bitchy???? That doesn’t help me. Hopefully it won’t hurt me…

She didn’t respond. Don’t you love how you email/text people and they act like they didn’t get it? lol. That’s how I knew she must’ve taken it the wrong way. After all, she was the one that asked me a question.

It had nothing to do with the Jx issue. As far as I’m concerned that is over. I didn’t tell on her ass so it should be over for her too. 🙂 I’m nice like that. (fake nice – rare). No really it is just how I am. No niceness. I just don’t feel the need to tell the boss.

Hungry. tired. school.


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