Not an angry girl

Whew! Hot. Sweaty. I just finished mowing the lawn. I meant to put this in my skechers week three update: I can mow the lawn in shape-ups with no problems. Of course now that I’m done, I just felt a little stab of pain in my foot. Anyhow, mowing the lawn is a workout without any special shoes. I’m so glad I’m done.

The school is telling me that I’m not enrolled in any classes so I can’t turn my paper in. ACK! It is probably an IT thing. I am going to email the teacher my paper as an attachment which is not the right way but until the system is back up that is better than nothing. The paper is horrible, btw. lol. I feel bad my teacher has to read it. At least it is short. I need to study NOT write a paper. This is week 3 of class and I’m 3 weeks behind so screw the damn paper!!!

One thing that Buddhism teaches is that nothing lasts forever. Treasure the good because that is going to be over one day. And the bad situation won’t last forever.

So today is study day. No more papers. No more “cleaning” because this isn’t a hotel.

Once you check into Hotel Lindz, you won’t want to come back.



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