window shopping

bad girl

I’m not buying any NEW clothes for a year. 365 days. I’m used to shopping at thrift stores and I’ve got to get back to that. Besides I think I have enough new spring/summer clothes after going to New York.

And I have another issue…I feel bad about going into stores and not buying. I know that’s ridiculous but I’m also the girl who will buy something from th telemarketer because I don’t want to be another “No”. I’m always empathizing with people in phone sales. It’s a sucky job, doesn’t pay well and the rejection. I no longer have this problem because I don’t answer the phone unless I recognize who is calling.

My point is, no more going into clothing stores. There is a really important part of Buddhism about lack of wanting. I need to get back to that. Why do I need a lot of clothes? I don’t. (I don’t have a lot now but if I were to buy clothes monthly, that could easily happen. The past damage is done.

Since I rarely post pics, I thought it would be fun to do a NYC shopping post. We had so much fun at Sephora! I don’t think I would have had so much fun alone. Too many people in the store and I would have felt self-conscious at a beauty store! I don’t even wear perfume. I wear foundation about 2 times a month. Anyhow, I tried every perfume and even some makeup. I looked ridiculous. But Bare Minerals foundation actually worked on me!…and it costs $60 a pop so I didn’t buy any. I did buy a facial cleanser from Clinque. It is supposed to be for sensitive skin but the bottle looks nothing like the kind I’d read about. My skin can’t get any worse.

Onto the clothes. None of these were expensive  I did buy an expensive (to me) gorgeous blouse from BeBe but I returned it the next day. It wasn’t worth the price besides I saw a wool Ann Taylor skirt that will last longer than anything from BeBe. The skirt was on sale for $29 so I sorta exchanged the two. BTW, I’m over BeBe. Their outlet store is decent but I’m never going to the regular store again. I see their tops in the Goodwill for $4 so I will just shop there if I get the urge. I did buy two camis from the BeBe store. Kept those.

You can probably also tell that besides flowered prints, I love to wear purple, gray & black.

black blouse!


A romper. I hope it isn’t too short for work.


LOVE! When I saw this dress I knew there was no chance of me leaving the store without buying anything. It has flowers, black & gray. 🙂

wool skirt

This the 1st item I’ve ever brought from the Ann Taylor store. I do have Ann Taylor stuff from thrift stores tho. I’m glad it was on sale. There was nothing in there I would have paid full price for. The skirt is a little too big but I can manage.

dress or cloth

lol.  This is a summer dress from H&M. And OMG, I am never going into one of those again (well at least in New York). Going to that H&M (the one sorta near Saks) is the closet I’ve ever been to being in a club. Looking back I don’t know how I stayed there that long. It must be something about NYC. I would never have stood in a line that long or a store that crowded here. The experience was so jarring that I went back to the hotel and had a two hour nap. Introverts can survive in NYC. You just have to know when to go where..and H&M is never safe! Anyhow that dress is too long to wear. I’m about 5’6″ (give or take). And I can’t even wear it. It costs $13.00. I’m probably going to pay more to have 6 inches taken off. It’s ridiculous but I love purple. ha.

handmade necklace

Not the best pic. This is a handmade necklace. Made in Manhattan. I brought it for inspiration and it goes with most of my closet. I would really like to make pendants similar to that. I brought the necklace so I could take the pendant off and put it on my choker but I’m going to need my jewelry pliers for this. Too bad they are packed up.

This is the end of shopping for me. I went to Saks and saw the plaid Burberry purse I drooled over in this blog (but would never buy). I got to touch it and a lot of other different bags for $2000. Seriously I’d rather keep buying Kathy Van Zeelands bags every other year than pay thousands for a purse. How nuts is that? What a bunch of snobs at Saks – the employees. Only the Versace woman was nice. lol. I had to go there.

This was fun, I guess. Gotta go.


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