Few days down

I feel like I have to post because so much has been going on. I’m going to stop changing my theme…once I like it. I don’t like the colors.

Re: my last post. My manager loved how organized my notes were. She didn’t get a chance to delve in.

I had my first beer today. My mom had her first pedicure (thanks to moi – heh). I didn’t get anything done. Although I need a mani and a pedi. They weren’t busy so the manicurist (?) kept asking, “Do you want anything done?” I know my nails look like crap. But unless you are paying for it how many times do I have to say NO? Happy Mother’s Day. Um, the beer sucked. It was non alcoholic but I don’t think that makes any difference. It smelled like alcohol. How do people drink that ish? I would rather drink Gatorade than drink a beer. Gatorade & beer = worthless.

I only stayed at the flea market for 3 1/2 hours. I have to do a post on how to sell Avon at a flea market since Google sends some of those inquires here. Most of my jewelry sold. More probably would have sold if it weren’t windy. I couldn’t put any of my earrings on the rack because the rack kept falling down! Everybody’s displays were flying so no one had the normal displays up. Who knew it would be so windy? The wind never calmed down the 4 hours I was there. I still got to display my necklaces and wow, they went fast.

I couldn’t stand the necklaces up either. But I used the stand (pictured) and just laid it flat. It worked. The people were gracious especially when I gave them nice gift boxes for the necklaces. 90% knocked a dollar or two off everything. I didn’t mind much because I really wanted everything to go. I also got paid a lot in change which was strange to me but money is money. I guess they wanted to get rid of it.

I only brought $2.00 worth of stuff at the flea market! Victory. I brought a book, two pillows and a pair of jeans. Yes all for $2.00. I paid in quarters since that is what I got. ha. No I really don’t need another pair of Tommy Jeans but they were only a dollar. I’m wearing them tomorrow. This is my second used pair of Tommy Jeans. Are they a fashion faux paus? I ask because I once wore my other used pair to a concert and a teenage girl made some rude/unnecessary comments about them. Anyway I don’t care. I just know they last longer than a pair of $20 new jeans I would buy so….

I’m getting nervous/overwhelmed about going to New York. Not because of the recent news. People have to live and work there everyday.  I mean nothing is guaranteed. I could get into a car accident tomorrow. I’m nervous because I still have stuff to do and I’m not used to going to somewhere new. I’ve been there before but I was really young so that doesn’t count. Next week at this time, I’ll be in New York. It is 9:47PM and who knows what I will be doing a week from now. I wrote  a list of a few places  I would like to go. I would like to blog about that before I leave…if I have time.

I also turn 30 a week from today. 😉 Happy birthday to all the Taureans out there. We rock!


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