valued employee?

I was just reading a news article on technical writing yesterday and today my manager wants to use the notes I have written over a two-year period. She is going to give them to the trainers and the manual writers (aka tech writers). They are hiring two new people. Actually I think they are in training now. They will need these notes. This is the crap stuff I had to do myself because  we are severely lacking in the training area. They had to lay people off but wait, who is going to train people? Real problem.

Anyhow, I’ve copied half of my notes already. As I was going through what else needs to be copied this evening, I wanted to stamp on there “copyright by (me)” because I know they are going to forget who did it. If it were Dx or anyone else they would not forget because they like them and because Dx etc wouldn’t let them forget. I’m not talking about the new employees. They don’t know me at all (yet). But the trainers know me real well. Extremely well. lol.

I’m half joking about the copyright thing because I’m not keeping score. I want to help** the new employees because it is so tough in the beginning. I’m not getting anything from it except the feeling good feeling of helping others which is what I like. AND because some of the stuff is paraphrased from at least 10-15 sources. I just rewrote, organized & prioritized the information. This isn’t my brain child. I did it out of necessity because no one else out there would do it. (due to being people being busy and layoffs).

**Of course my manager was shocked that I was so eager to help. I do like helping people. I just don’t enjoy being social. It is draining, awkward and like being in hell if hell existed. I’m an introvert, shy and don’t have the normal social skills. (kill yourself now). If something helps me and I’ve been through the tough times, I don’t want you to needlessly suffer. Of course the new employees will still have a lot of “WTF am I doing moments?” All the new people do. I think mine lasted longer than most. 🙂

The title of this post is obviously an oxymoron.

No this isn’t some “aha” moment. My dream job isn’t to be a technical writer. I can’t imagine going into a new work place and trying to write a manual. It’d be easier to do with my current job because 50% of the stuff is already in  manual format (but needs to be updated) and the other 50% I learned from others (mostly my personal trainer) over two long years.

How confusing is it when I write in parenthesis? I can’t help it. :/ Do technical writers have editors because I would need one.

My dream job would involve animals, books, music or plants. I have other hobbies but I don’t see them as dream job material. I’m currently stuck on the zookeeper thing. Is that sorta like wanting to be a librarian? Too many applicants, not enough positions? Well the biggest difference is that librarians get paid more. In order to be a zoo keeper, I would have to live near a zoo. (I live near the national zoo but not close enough to apply for a job and get taken seriously. I’m 90+ minutes away. I haven’t been there in exactly 5 years).

Speaking of  zoos, I’m hoping to go to the one in Central Park but the park is so big, I may not make it this time. If I were going by myself, I would make sure I get to the zoo. I’m going to be in NYC for such a short time. I’m going to do an entry on my 3-4 must go places. Once again, if i were going alone I would have way more than 3 must do things. However I have to take another person’s interests into consideration. She is not into doing things on her own. So I can’t say, “I’ll go here, you go there and we meet at XYZ.” Not going to work.

I’ll get over the zookeeper thing in a few days. That was one of my childhood dreams. Then I will focus on wanting to own a used book store  (again) or working on a farm (again). I don’t have the dream job. I’ve always had several interests…most of them I have no desire to make a career.

NYC  in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!


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