ten cent wings

It was raining. No selling today. Got there at 6:20am which was good enough for a  good spot. If it weren’t cloudy, I probably would’ve been late. Just once I have to get there @ 5:30. Now I’m going right after mother’s day or the Saturday before. I’ll share more details later. I did have a conversation with a human!! And I asked a question, made eye contact & everything.

Internet free for the rest of today. I got 2010 versions of Fodor’s and Frommer’s NEW YORK CITY guides today. Geeked out. Borrowed them from the library today. I will probably take one of them w/me. I won’t pull it out while walking (or even have it on me) but I will check it out during any downtime in the hotel.

Okay. bye internet world. who needs the net when you have travel guides to drool over? Did I mention that these were 2010 versions? Not 2009…which I’ve already read. 🙂

NYC in 3 weeks!


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