get away with murder

I’m pissed right now. Why is it that parents can get away with murder? It is the only group that can get away with almost anything. And it is voluntary! Most people (94.6%) weren’t born with this condition. They chose it! No one ever calls them on it. The drug addict with kids: “She did the best she could.” WTF??? Why did you have kids in the first place? HAVING KIDS IS A Privilege!!

Hello? Am I the only sane person on earth? I should be thankful that I get this. That I know me having kids is wrong. But dammit, it makes me so angry when they act like it’s a right. And I have pets. I’m not perfect. I’m selfish with it sometimes. I wanted the pet so I got the pet. I didn’t think about the vet bills. I didn’t want to think about the vet bills. It was all about me wanting a pet because I never had one growing up. And gosh darn it, when I turned 18 I got my dog (from the animal shelter) because I’d been deprived. *scoff* Silly but true.

Why this outburst NOW? Because I have flat feet. And it hurts when I walk long distances. I’m 100% sure my mom knew about this because my sister had it and guess what? She got it corrected!!! Now I walk funny every freaking day and get made fun of all the time. Which is NOTHING compared to the pain I have and the future problems.

Thanks a lot mom. You didn’t do your best. You were selfish. You wanted kids and you had them.  At all cost. Simple as that.

Is our culture ever going to change? Or are people going too keep acting like having kids is their right? Pisses me off that people have kids so casually. And then take no responsibility. You can’t blame them for anything. They can do no wrong. Parents are saints. ROFL.

It’s ridiculous. Is every country like this? WHY? Lol. I’m sorry but I see shit like this every day. I’m going to have a kid no matter what my circumstances are because it is my right and I want one. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

No, I don’t mean any of this. I’m just pissed because I have flat feet. And who has to pay for this shit NOW?

FUCK $%^


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