get done by Friday

First, “what I’m good for”:

The Allen Iverson ESPN documentary will air tomorrow night (Tuesday). Probably @ 8pm, 9pm or 10pm eastern. 🙂 Check your local listings, AI fans. Iverson was at Vivica’s (Fox) birthday party. He seems to be in good spirits. It was in Atlanta, where he now resides.

AI all smiles

I registered for classes today. Yes more than 1! Because that was my only choice. URGH. Today is the first day to register and why didn’t I think about registering before I left for work? The 2 credit class I wanted was FULL by 6PM. Anyhow, I had to take these classes concurrently. And it isn’t that bad. I’m taking 4 credits. Some of the other courses are 5 credits so…And I don’t think these classes will be hard. Even for a quick summer edition. After summer school, I will have 13 out of 30 credits. Not quite 50%. This is taking forever.

Here is my last attempt to do a public to do list. This time I will have a due date of Friday instead of the overwhelming day by day thing. I will cross off things as I get them done. I hope this motivates me.

(in no particular order)

  • take pictures of the mother’s day gifts and update avon blog with the pics
  • take picture for other blog (lol)
  • clean kitchen
  • finish current library book
  • browse ebay book, make notes
  • clean sofa
  • buy weed killer (wish it was lawn killer)
  • buy 2 out of 3 mother’s day gift
  • mow lawn (Tues or Wed- best weather days)
  • Find out if shoes exist for my feet condition
  • try to renew any library books I haven’t finished.
  • clean food steamer

Hopefully that’s it. If I do these things, maybe the weekend will be productive.


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