book report: Naturally Thin

Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting by Bethenny Frankel was an eye-opening experience in many ways. First, I had no idea people obsessed over food like this. I know people are always on diets and that diets don’t work. But the obsession? And I’m an obsessor (not a word). So I get it but I had no clue that people lived this way. It’s not like I eat whatever I want without thinking about it. But I never think , “Have I have a carb today?” Sometimes I eat two servings of protein, carbs, whatever during ONE meal. *gasp!* For people like me, reading Naturally Thin can be overwhelming.

I cannot think about food this way is what I kept repeating while reading the book. I have enough obsessions. I am not adding food to the list. I don’t want to over analyze what I eat. To change my way of eating to Bethenny’s way…food would be all I thought about! I will use a lot of the info but overall this way of eating isn’t for me. Example: I usually only go to restaurants while traveling. I’m going to eat whatever I want on those rare occasions. However, I do understand that this information is helpful for people who eat out a lot.

So for people who aren’t serial dieters or obsessed with food, I warn you that this book may not be for you. However, I did get things out of this book and I would still recommend it to…everyone. Why? Bethenny’s 10 food rules can be applied to other areas of your life. I have successfully used these rules for one week (but fell off the wagon the next week…lol). So if you need a pep talk or I don’t know, a shrink or you just like self-help, this book is useful. Needless to say Naturally Thin is a must read for serial dieters. A+ for that group.

Others things I noticed were the over generalizations. But B admits she isn’t a nutritionist. She’s a natural food chef. For example, she mentions quite a bit how sweets make you feel. She must be a fast oxidizer because sweets have the opposite effect on me. (I’m a slow oxidizer when it comes to sweets but I can skip meals & snacks like her so there is an overlap). This is about metabolism. I’m not an expert. This info can be found in natural healing books or Google.

I learned a lot of useful things from the book and I am eating more veggies and checking out more natural food. I’m thinking of doing a 2 day cleansing the week of my 30th birthday (after NYC trip) . I’ve never done it before. I have to admit, I know next to nothing about food. I can barely tell a carb from protein. And I do not cook. The notes I wrote in my journal from Naturally Thin are kind of embarrassing to admit because this is probably common sense to most but I will share anyway:

  • Eat fruit with nuts
  • Yogurt has protein
  • Fruit is better on an empty stomach. (really needed to know this!)
  • Fruit is cleansing.
  • Put berries on food, forget the sugar.
  • Brown rice is good for fiber, energizes you.
  • Watermelon: good for thirst and fiber
  • Use raw sugar.
  • Choose oat flour over white.

I should have just highlighted the info in the book because this book is definitely a keeper. (I swap books on and no writing/highlighting is allowed). There is much more useful info in the book but I didn’t always have my journal with me. There are recipes in the book. I’m planning on getting her recipe book soon (The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life). I think she will motivate me to semi-cook. I really want to bake her vegan cookies. I don’t even have a cookie sheet. I haven’t used an oven in 3 years!! But all this will change gradually.

Overall, a very helpful book. I want to personally thank her for writing Naturally Thin. I would just say what she has heard 1 million times. “Your rules changed the way I approach my life”. (not food wise but it doesn’t matter).

Thanks B! You are truly my inspiration. Not just for the book by how you got where you are. 🙂


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