Who Says I’m a psychopath?

Those bitches! If you didn’t go through my work notes, I’m not talking about you. I can’t find my prescriptions. That’s normal. I lose everything. BUT I think I put them in my work notebook. (I never mentioned that I moved to another cubicle after my breakdown…I did). Recently I’ve been over carrying stuff and doing extra work on weeknights because I’m busy at home. So I’ve been leaving my notebook at work which is very normal. NO ONE else takes their stuff home. (That is mostly why my boss said how dedicated I am etc.)

At my previous desk, they would not have gone through a CLOSED notebook…at least to my knowledge. However, when I would leave it open, I could tell they looked at that particular page. But where I am now……..SCREAM…nothing is off bounds. So maybe they saw my prescriptions. To me, these are regular medicines. Stuff for depression and/or social anxiety and sleep. Big deal.

Nothing anti-psychotic. Trust me I’ve been hinting for some. ANYTHING to get me through a work day.

OR they saw me reading the Ted Bundy book. (very possible. I read during my lunch break and it has been visible in my car. I carry whatever I’m reading everywhere). Um, you’d be surprised at how many normal people read true  crime. And I know some of them watch reality true crime so what is the difference? I read & watch. They just watch. (Note: Once I started watching/reading the real stuff, I can’t touch the fake stuff. Mysteries? CSI? Law & Order? All very lame and phony once you get into reality).

Anyhow they said, “don’t you think we have a right to know if she is a psychopath?” ROFL. First of all, a known psychopath would not be working in an office building (or anywhere??). Psychopaths don’t get hired. Ted Bundy and others were able to work because they could act normal. (strike one for me). My coworkers were even talking about asking the boss. I think only a couple of people were seriously going to ask, “Is —— a psychopath?”

Whatever. According to them, we are getting laid off. I’ll know more at the end of the week. I’ll be free of that stress and have the no work stress. Blah. I have more high school stuff I could report from work but that would make me high school too cause some of it is hilarious. 😉

I have tons of tons of stuff to do and I haven’t even printed out my bracket! I do wish I had my notebook. I’m  dying of curiosity. I’ll just wait until tomorrow morning and tweet the results. heh


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