in need of a miracle?

nah, I’m exhausted. lol. So I’m supposed to be going to church but I was out all day today. And I never do stuff…on purpose. haha

Anyway, the service is about miracles. Not biblical miracles. It is hard to explain. It is midnight and I haven’t had a nap yet.

I told people I didn’t want to spend my day during “stuff” because I knew I would be out of it. Thanks for listening.

Uh, gotta go. Will I spend 4 hours at a church and have no down time? That sounds like a set up disaster for work. I need down time for a full week of work. What should I do? Risk it? Can I afford to risk anything when it comes to work? No. But just because I’m out of it, doesn’t mean I’m going to be extra irritable at work, right?

I’m not making sense. At times like this, I hate being an introvert. I can’t keep going and going. I must have a down day or I will break……………………..

so out of it & i don’t have soap


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