upper west side

(in case someone stops by & read this: This is just a reference list for me It is my own travel guide. I haven’t gone to any of these places. IOW, these aren’t my recommendations just places that seem like they would work for me.)

In 3 weeks or less, I would like to book my hotel for NYC for my 30th b-day trip. Now that I’m doing research, I have no idea why I wanted to stay in a hotel on the upper west side of Manhattan. Other than that it is a little close to Central Park. I wanted to stay close to Central Park (as in overlooking the park) but the cost isn’t worth it. At this point Central Park is my only MUST. I only wanted to stay close because of my feet problems but I guess I will have to load up on Motrin.

Best hotel finds on the upper west side (criteria – recommended by experts, not expensive & more than one bed):

  • Excelsior Hotel – more expensive than the experts say. have to check out deals. seems nice but too much for TWO nights. Affordable for one night. Too luxurious. 🙂

Located in a fashionable neighborhood between Central Park and Columbus Avenue overlooking West Side Attractions such as the American Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

  • Hotel Beacon – awesome reviews. Ugh, just checked out their website and they have no accommodations for my date. Guess what? This was my #1 choice for the west side. 😦 I never book through the hotel’s website so maybe there is another way. (I’m only going to the website for linking purposes).   I’m leaving this on the list for future reference.

Friendly and accommodating, we offer handsomely decorated, oversized guestrooms and suites. With wonderful views of Central Park, the Hudson River and Midtown Manhattan, the Beacon is the perfect vantage point from which to venture anywhere in New York.

  • The Lucerne – The prices on the website = LOL. Do not visit the hotel’s websites ever! I’ve been traveling fine without doing that. heh. What a joke. Anyway, they do have rooms available. And it will do for one night.

The Lucerne is just a short subway ride to Lincoln Center and walking distance of the American Museum of Natural History, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Columbus Circle, Riverside Park, Central Park, and several fine restaurants, specialty boutiques, and cafes.

  • Hotel Newton *I think we have a winner…when it comes to prices! woohoo. If I was going by myself, I would be fine with sharing bathrooms but I have to consider someone else – my mom. So it would be about $220 a night w/o taxes. hmmm. This is probably the best deal on the upper west side so….

This New York hotel’s Upper West Side location is ideal for those wishing to visit nearby Riverside Park, Central Park, Columbus Circle, The Manhattan Children’s Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, and Columbia University. After you’ve worked up an appetite in busy Manhattan, dig into the neighborhood dining options on the Upper West Side to indulge your cravings. And don’t miss dining at the adjoining Key West Café, with its diverse menu of countless ethnic options and comfort foods.

double room @ the newton

I’ve heard great things about Key West Café. It is right next to this hotel so this seems like a winner. I will see if I can get a cheaper rate.

Other places to eat on the west side:

  • Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint – Open 24/7 2175 Broadway (@ 77th street)
  • Good Enough to Eat – 483 Amesterdam Ave (btwn 83rd & 84th street): they serve an excellent breakfast, meatloaf, American food

I’m not going to NYC to eat especially since we are “splurging” on the hotel. I eat mostly Italian and American food when I eat out. I love Mexican food but I don’t like anything spicy. I also eat some Japanese. My main thing is nothing spicy!  On the other hand, my mom loves Chinese, Japanese and American. She likes spicy food. So I think the best thing is to look for so called American restaurants. When I go to NYC by myself I can do what I what.

At this point, I’m not sure about the upper west side. I will probably do another entry on another part of Manhattan. I will add attractions to this list later. My laptop battery is almost dead…


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