i can post if i wanna

If you are looking for Real Housewives stuff go here.

Since no one is reading, I may as well use this as a to-do list also. new in 2010 this blog is for me.

This weekend I will to go internet free until I do these things:

  • put away all clean laundry
  • move any clutter to back room 🙂 (since I threw away most of the junk in that room)
  • clean kitty litter
  • cook chicken wings for the week
  • put groceries (a must!)
  • work on word document for work – think about would it be better in excel or access…
  • throw out trash (litter and and all empty boxes)

On Saturday I have to work 3 hours, go grocery shopping and go to the library. Hopefully I won’t want to crash and get on the net. I’m addicted to easy access to info even though I have the slowest connection in America. This weekend I have to get stuff done!

I’m off on Monday and an extra couple of days next week but I’m still thinking about doing overtime due to high heating costs…We don’t always have OT so I have to do a little. If it doesn’t snow on Monday, I will probably go in for a few hours (less than 4).

John Mayer please don’t do or say anything! If I find out, I will have to get on the net. I was 20 minutes “late” (flextime) to work this morning to watch the apology video and find out if there were any updates. This makes me want to see him in concert more…which is crazy. But I’ve been there. I AM THERE. insecure, don’t know how to do the relationship thing, hyper self-aware/self-conscious and when I do talk it is usually not a good thing.

((John Mayer))

well I have to check my email & do everything so I won’t “have to” get on the net this weekend. tata


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