one shot

Woohooo! I have Thursday off this week. Yay. Total surprise.

I shouldn’t have started the redoing my notes thing. I have to finish by tonight. My old notes are in disarray and I need them. Today I was lost more than once. I want to get this done by Thursday so I can clean up and…………

Give Avon one last shot. I still take orders but I haven’t gotten any new customers in a while. So since I have a box load of brochures, Thursday will be my last hurrah. If I decide I don’t have time for this (considering this time consuming notes project), then I’ll take my stuff and leave it at Avon corporate. My only other options is to recycle them.

Spencer Pratt is now following me on Twitter. I have no idea how many followers he has. I haven’t logged on to twitter since the Heidi thing. They are just doing what people with a bunch of people with large amount of followers are doing. Follow strangers and hope they follow you. Will I follow him back? Not sayin’

Gotta do this exciting note thing. Why did I start? Oh, I wanted to be more organized and start anew.


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