skin freakout

It’s not acne. It is a breakout due to Avon products. I’ve been using Avon for more than 3 months. Why would everything just suddenly break me out? Isn’t that strange? I can’t even use the anti-bacterial gel I’ve been using religiously. Damn.

It would be more shocking if my mom didn’t have this problem. She can’t use anything w/fragrance or harsh chemicals. She’s had that issue for years…

Why did this happen all of a sudden? My hands, face, arms and the back of my neck have a rash of bumps over them. And I just started using Avon perfumed deodorant about 5 weeks ago. As soon as I put it on this morning, I noticed a little burning but nothing major. Then when I got to work, I noticed bumps on my hands from where I had put on the anti-bacterial gel. What will I do without my gel? Wash my hands? uhhhhh

It is 11:30 pm. night


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