Life is a school. For whatever reasons, at least for now, I’ve been given a steeper path -a tougher curriculum. That doesn’t make me wrong. In fact, adversity develops qualities of strength and compassion.

-Anxiety & Phobia Workbook


Sunday I felt fine but this morning, not so much. I guess all I can eat is fish. I can’t even eat vegetables. In fact, I think eating broccoli started all this. I made salads tonight for lunch this week. I’m hope the lettuce doesn’t make me sick. What else is in the salad? Tuna cubes (sooo good – find them in the canned meat aisle) & turkey slices. NO salad dressing. I know I can’t handle that.

With that being said, I did go to work today. I met my goal. Go me! 😉 As I was taking a shower I said, “I want to do [this], nah that is too much. NO, I’m sticking with [that]. And guess what I did exactly [that]. lol. I should’ve dreamed bigger.

The biggest issue is that I was there for mostly an hour and a half alone. Of course I was more productive! I’m not going to feel bad about doing better when they aren’t there. That is how it is. I consider myself lucky because the other person who likes to stay late was off. I may not have the same opportunity tomorrow. (pleasepleaseplease)

same goal, tho.


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