I’m totally blaming Kim for this shopping spree! I went to Bebe just to look in Kim’s closet. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Between going to Liz Claiborne and Bebe, I’m done clothes shopping…until I go to NYC in May. 😉 And then I will only buy staple pieces which is what I was doing until I thought I was Kim Kardashian.

(note: I don’t think that dress in the above pic is from BeBe. But that is the length of my dress. Too short for me. Everything in there was short. Almost slutty…sorry that is the easiest way to describe it. Kim etc, can wear it and look great but ME? Nah.)

The sales person A, pulled clothes for me! DIE. Um, I just wanted to play….I was the only one in the store so I got mucho attention. She pulled 4 pairs of jeans and a dress she says I was looking at but I honestly don’t remember looking at that dress. I told her I was a “4 or a 6” so she pulled clothes in that range. Then she saw me topless (um, I’m not a celeb so that is not okay!) but with a bra on. Thank g-d. She said I look smaller than a “4”. She didn’t know that I look tiny because I haven’t been eating for a week!

kim in bebe jeans

(Kim in Bebe Jeans. The jeans I brought look like a cheaper version of those jeans.)

Even after I told her that I’m just smaller because I was sick, she still went on about how she wish she was thinner. I did say, “nooo” a few times. If I were into the whole conversation thing, I would have said, “you don’t need to lose weight!” She probably can wear a 6 or 8. I dunno. I’m bad at guessing sizes. I don’t even know what size I wear.

I ended up buying more clothes today than I ever have. I don’t know where I’m going to wear that Bebe dress. I will probably wear it with jeans to work. lol. And then as a dress to a concert. It’s too short. I have long legs so everything above the knee looks short on me.

At the Liz Claiborne store (outlet, dolls) I was expecting more stylish stuff. Wasn’t there. So I went for staple pieces that WILL last for 10 years. 🙂 I got two blazers and an iron free dress. (I’m obsessed with dresses right now).  Who knew Liz would be cheaper than Bebe. And the sales people did not bother me at all. I even went into the dressing room unattended.

Never again. The next time I want new clothes I will go to H&M. And Conway (I don’t think we have a Conway here but NYC has one and it is affordable/cheap). I wanted to go to Ann Klein but after being attacked at BeBe, I couldn’t take it. What if they did the same? Doubt it but who knows? I did say, “just looking” several times but A refused to take that as an answer. She must get commission. Geez. Ugh, if it wasn’t out of town I would probably return the jeans or the dress. The only staple pieces I lack are a good pair of slacks. Liz only had petite and my legs can’t take petite bottoms. I didn’t even see slacks in BeBe.

Oh and I also got a gray shawl from Bebe. I swear I’ve seen Kim in it but I cannot find a pic of it now and it isn’t that important.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

oh dear. 😦 j/k

I had a great NYE. A little tired/sick today but it is all good (not counting the insane shopping spree).


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