recap the year in 31 days

Gwen started a challenge for bloggers to capture the past year in 31 days. Unfortunately I can’t link to her site because it is down. So I will start with the Dec 1 question (and hope her blog comes back so I can link it and sign up).

December 1. Trip. What was your best trip in 2009?

I didn’t go on a lot of trips. The first two that pop in my mind was the 4 day beach stay and driving to Allen Iverson’s hometown (Hampton, VA) to see him play in his annual charity event. I went on a whim. I usually plan things out but I’ve learned that doing things without a plan is just as fun.

Normally the beach trip would be #1 like it is every year. But my mom was there on business so we were actually only on the beach for 1 day/1 night. It was still a good time.

In summary, I really didn’t go anywhere. 🙂

I’m thinking about going to Williamsburg, VA for New Year’s. I want to do the touristy stuff but…I’m only going to be there 1 night. I get NYE off (a Friday) and I happen to be off that Wednesday. BUT I have to work on Thursday so not much of a trip can happen. BTW, I’ve been there to Williamsburg a few times but I’ve only done the touristy things once. (I got lost there 2 years ago – nightmare!)

My mom and I are going to NYC for my birthday. No it is not a gift. lol. One thing I struggle with is taking solo trips. My mom doesn’t drive but she wants to travel. I feel bad not about going somewhere alone. I love that. I need to do it to build confidence. I do feel bad about not telling her. #1 It feels like lying. #2 I know she would enjoy some of the trips (like Williamsburg, for example). #3. I know she would feel rejected as in ‘Why doesn’t she want to go with me?’ Therefore, I can’t tell her.

So…I definitely want to travel solo more. I go to concerts & the movies alone. I’m not 100% incompetent but the thought of getting a taxi, or riding a subway or bus in a new city freaks me out.


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