on the edge

I was depressed all last week. Something else bad happened on Saturday. I somehow got out of bed & to work this morning. How? By not acknowledging or dealing with any of the effects of the bad stuff. Since my water tank burst, I pretty sure I have mold growing in my house. What am I doing about it:


I don’t even want to mention what happened on Saturday. Let’s just say it is car related and it cost me money. My plan was to hire someone to deal with this avalanche. But everyday something costly happens so guess what?


lol. mold. I don’t care. Whateves. What’s next? Whatever it is I’m not dealing with it. 🙂

I’ve never been a Vince Young fan. It has nothing to do with him playing for the Titans. I’ve followed him since college. No, I don’t know him but I did see a short documentary on him…It didn’t change my indifference.

However, now I find myself rooting for him. I would root for the Titans to go to the Superbowl but I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan and they are fighting for a playoff spot. If the Ravens don’t make it, I’m rooting for Tennessee all the way. Why?

Because people wrote him off and called him crazy. Maybe he had a breakdown for ONE day. Have all these naysayers never had a bad day when then just wanted to escape? I envy those people.

I’m so happy for him. He heard what everyone was saying about his mental state and his playing ability. Yet he did not cave under pressure (I think a lot of people would). He is playing better. He didn’t give up. Viva, Vince Young. Thanks for proving them wrong.

And kudos to the Tennessee Titans owner (Bud Adams) who flipped everyone off, I would have done the same thing. The coach didn’t even believe in Vince. Every time I see that footage, I laugh. ha! I’m not usually one for public rude gestures but this was warranted…and he was running on adrenaline. 😉


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