AI’s retirement

I haven’t accepted it yet. I’m glad I got to see him play, even if it was a charity game. I’m pretty sure that will continue and I’ll get to see him one more time.

AI w/ the 2 youngest & wife

I hope he won’t go into hiding. Although I could understand that. He has five kids and a wife. He has enough money to never work again (confirmed by him – I know a lot of athletes go broke). I’m happy for him in that way. But selfishly I want him on a team. Damn the Knicks! They would rather tank it develop their players then fill Madison Square Garden. What about the Bobcats? Does Michael Jordan have something to do with him not playing there? Ugh, I’ve never liked him.

I don’t think his playing days are over. He is very popular overseas. His wife is open to living overseas. I think she likes Italy and he was there this past summer. (He is really close with his family. He would not go anywhere without them). Iverson could pick any them he wanted.

I don’t want to read ‘analysts’ analyzing his retirement. Most of the articles will be full of negativity. I remember the good. He is my 3rd favorite player of all time. He will be missed.


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