freak out

Someone called me from out of state about Avon! I’ve been uneasy since I got the message. And no, I haven’t called her back. I couldn’t do it at work (due to what I was doing). I could do it right now…but it is long distance. And I have no idea what she wants. No clues in the phone call. At first I was convinced that she wanted to be a rep until I realized she was calling from 10 hours away!

So I’m guessing she is interested in ordering from my website. I will call her back. I feel like a loser waiting until tomorrow (during lunch) but that is best for me. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wish she would’ve emailed me if she just had ONE question like, “What is the free gift?” This leads me to believe this is something different. Something I may not be prepared for…

If I can’t do this, should I give up my coupon idea? (I was planning to put a local coupon in a newspaper like thing that will be seen by at least 10,000 people. Yes it costs money). That will bring tons of local customers but then I have to deal with them.


Maybe. No, I KNOW I’m not ready for selling. That is so anti my personality. I hate bugging people hence the coupon idea. I want people who are interested to come to me. I don’t have therapy until December. ROFL. I never thought I would want to go to talk to a therapist NOW.

In conclusion, I feel like a loser for not calling her back tonight. I have to get that thought out of my mind. This whole situation also reminds me that I’M NOT READY. And it sucks to feel that way. 😦


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