Betcha Gon’ Know

Welcome to a day of my life

The problem is I have a work ethic. I’m even thinking about going back tonight (after the place is closed). I wouldn’t get much down because only 30% of the system is up. I hate what this has become. If I can get concrete evidence to show what they are doing, I will. Taping people w/o their permission is illegal here…but I really don’t care. I’m not trying to take anyone to court.

It is hard & often impossible to prove people are giving certain people more information so they can do their work correctly. lol. But that isn’t the only thing. If that was the only problem, I wouldn’t have one. I mentioned it to my ‘trainer’ and she told. I will never trust people. Never. I haven’t since I’ve been smart enough to know…

it’s too dangerous to be in the vicinity of where you are

Anyhow, my days are numbered. Fuck them. I would kill myself so they can have blood on their hands but I’m not killing myself over a job. I’ll just wait until my mother dies of natural causes. Then BANG, I’m dead. Why do I have a conscience? Actually I’m thankful I’m not that depressed to really want to do it today. Been there, tried that.

Betcha Gon Know how it feels when i get you back

I won’t get you back but the universe will…if it already hasn’t. I’ve seen what’s happened to you over the past year and yet you don’t connect it to anything. Interesting.

And you see your whole world collapse
I’m gonna lalalalala laugh
I’m gonna lalalalala laugh
I’m gonna lalalalala laugh

How can they say, “nothing can be that bad”? #1. I’m melancholy by nature. 2. I’m mildly depressed. 3. I have social anxiety. Now if you are LUCKY enough to not know what that has to do with anything then SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU UNGRATEFUL, UNEMPHATIC, CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIAN BASTARDS.

I should try to say what I really feel but it is hard to get out when you know that NO ONE gets it (besides maybe people with agoraphobia or extreme social anxiety).

Note to DEBBIE: Socially anxious people hate attention. Why do you think your presence irks me so much? It must be nice not to understand, to be able to relate to people, and suck up and get jobs. I wish I knew how that feels. Wanna tell me?

Your like : Are you OK?
I’m like : mmm, alright lil sleep and i’ll be fine
But if you only knew what was in the back of my mind
already stung, but your really gonna find out in time

You don’t know the depth of my anger and resentment of your ability to be normal. Some people have tried to show people the anger…but people don’t listen. Will you ever get it? EVER? geesh.

You got me all crazy, somewhere down the line your gonna get what you deserve…you F*****G jerk

One day. Thank god for music. Sometimes it is the only thing that keeps me going.

but your gonna know how this feels
Even if it’s the last thing i ever do


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