“you’re pretty”

I haven’t been seriously told that EVER! Not by my parents, ‘friends’. No one. Anyway thanks for making my morning a little bit better. Guess what I was wearing? Avon. lol. I just used a colorless primer (must have!) and foundation. I guess she could have been talking about my outfit but I doubt it. I had on a red leather jacket, black Guess jeans & my fabulous Avon riding boots. 🙂 I also had on Avon earrings and a (real) silver onyx necklace. So maybe I won’t cure my social anxiety but I did learn a little about makeup. I hope that isn’t my only Avon lesson. That would mean no more trying to get sales.

It was like what happens in the training videos. Someone tells you, “I like your makeup” or “I like that necklace”. Then you are suppose to say “Avon!” and then right on the spot you have a sell. But I never thought it would happen to me. Besides she was (and I) were walking like we were in NYC so….for me to think on the spot like that, it just doesn’t happen. All I said was “thanks!”. I probably appeared shocked. She had to say it twice. Thank you! xoxo

AND: A man also helped me @ the gas station. That would never have happened pre-avon. Never! No, this doesn’t mean I’m going to wear foundation everyday. It is a time issue. I would rather be @ work than in front of the mirror. Besides I suck at taking off makeup before bed which causes my skin to break out. heh.

As you might have guessed I was passing out avon/mark brochures in a new place – the local university student union. I would have put more together if I would have known what to expect. It was a bit of a waste to only ‘toss’ 12 brochures. I’m going back in December (and once every month) and I’ll take at least 25. Their student union is huge & it was electric. My college was never like that on a Saturday! I was a bit worried about security but the student union and library were open.

Colleges are my atmosphere…especially universities. It is about not fully being a grown up. It is having everything you need in walking distance (unless you went to a rural school like me). It is about youth, energy, excitement and stress. Ah, I love it. How I wish I could be a student for life. No ties. I never wanted to buy a house in my 20s. My idea was to find my dream house at 40 (when I wasn’t suicidal) and move into it. But circumstances…

I don’t want to be 6, 12, or 17. I want to be 20. Student for life. I can’t ask ‘how this happened?’ I know exactly what happened. For me buying this house was a life or death situation. No joke. So I have to deal with it. Even though the neighbors are sometimes unbearable (ex: shooting guns in the air near my window, leaving dirty diapers in my yard – eh), the house hasn’t been updated since 1953 when it was built. And that leaves me to work overtime (temporary opportunity) even though I’m not physically or mentally up to it. I didn’t work any OT last week but for the next two weeks I’m going to do 6-8 hours.

It is sort of necessary since I’m getting my plumbing replaced. I would not have gotten my house semi insulated had I known the pipes needed to be replaced. I focus on needs. Oh well, I just hope I’m productive…I will feel bad and NOT work overtime if I’m in a funk.

I just wanna be free but who doesn’t from time to time?


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