people who need people

I got a 2008 version of Frommer’s NYC guide from the library. I was thinking “hmmm, pretty good version” until I saw a mention of TRL. j/k Hee. That seems so long ago. When I really think about it, there isn’t much I want to do in NY. What museums am I missing? I love DC’s museums. Been there, done that. All I want to do is go to Central Park, thrift shops & Barney’s. No buying in Barney’s of course. Secretly (shhh!), I just want to splurge on a really nice hotel…right by central park. Oh well I will still go to Nueva York in mid 2010 but I’m no longer excited. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get tickets to “The Daily Show”.

edited to add: Never mind, I found out about the immigrant museum(s). Dream itinerary coming up!

I wanted to get Frommer guides on San Francisco, Mexico, Brazil etc. But it would only make me envious. Yearn for something that isn’t going to happen in the next 365 days…

I’m done with selling Avon to a certain group* (unless they reach out to me). No more brochures etc. I appreciate their past business. I can’t do Avon with people who don’t get it. How hard is Avon to understand? It has been around for longer than I’ve been alive. It comes every 2 weeks. ugh. blah, blah. So that leaves me with one customer! 🙂 LOL. The good thing is, I will only be spending about $20 a month on Avon and even less starting in January 2010. I wish I didn’t love their products so much or I’d just give it up.

*not naming for anonymity purposes. I doubt any of them have this url
I have to mention work. Crazy shit:

1. D thinks I carry the flu virus! Not H1hn (or whatever the name is, sorry) but the regular flu. She thinks I carry it but I don’t suffer from it. I took biology. I know there are viruses/diseases people can ‘carry’ but don’t have/and or don’t show symptoms. I get it. BUT THE FLU? WTF. To me this is just proof that I’m the black sheep. Anything that goes wrong is put on me aka displacement.

Umm, I’ve been lucky enough not to get a bad cold in two/three years. It is probably due to me having a decent immune system. I used to get mini-flus every single year. Once in the winter, once in the summer. I lived in a college dorm for a year. I’ve probably built up a tolerance by now. It probably helps that I live alone & don’t have kids. However, I’m still surrounded by the sick people @ work.

I think it is really about me NOT being a germaphobe. People who are constantly washing their hands with antibacterial gel aren’t helping the situation. Your body has to get used to germs or you will have no immunity. These days I only use antibacterial gel before I eat because it is convenient. Washing your hands with soap and water is so old school. (joke) I don’t freak out about public restrooms. If something falls on the floor, I might eat it. 😉 It depends on how hungry I am, how long it took me to get/prepare and the price. Not kidding.

Keep freaking out over germs & keep getting sick. Whatever. JUST STOP SPRAYING THAT DAMN LYSOL. Febreeze is okay because the smell isn’t as strong. (The original kind used to make me sick, but the new flowery scents, I use in my house. I just have to make sure not to use it before bedtime). I used to get sick when my mom would use Woolite on my clothes. That is how sensitive I am to smells. Maybe it is an allergy? Lysol is the worst. And they spray it in the air. 😦 I’m thinking about wearing a mask so I won’t inhale it but I know that will just make them do it more.

The point is: How delusional are they to think I’m the one getting people sick since I have shown no signs of sickness since I got there??? (in 2008). That is just pure craziness to me.

2.) They are queens at stating the obvious. “Isn’t it nice to have friends?” “That girl needs friends”. NEWS ALERT: I’ve been saying it for 10 years. Life is easier having friends. The support is immeasurable. Less stress. It’s also a lot cheaper. Each time I moved I had to pay $300 for professional movers when all I needed was ONE person with a pick up truck. I don’t have furniture. That’s one example. I could use several. People probably save $ every freaking day just by splitting costs with friends. I see it. I know, dammit.

If I had one friend – just one – we would have made Avon work. Well I probably wouldn’t have gotten into Avon. It would be my own thing. My ‘friend’ would be the so called spokesperson. I would do everything behind the scenes. I’m sure my imaginary friend would have said yes, I would have thrown so much $$ at him or her plus a share of the profits.

yes my dears go on and on about how easy your life is. THAT IS WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU. People like to deny it. It takes someone viewing my life in 3D to really get how having friends makes life bearable. That makes me pathetic but at least some people are seeing the obvious light. Count your blessings and stop commenting on my non-friend status.

My life story is on TV: Carrie (1976 version). Gotta watch to relive the horror…but I never paid them back. hmmm.

A fashion post is coming soon. I’m in love with TopShop jackets and LnA leggings.


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