I’m just amazed at how people claim to believe reality shows are fake (whatever that is) yet they refuse to believe editing plays a huge part in how these real people are portrayed. What gives?

Bravo did a hatchet job on NeNe Leakes. Last season I started off not liking her character and then it turned into indifference. This season I thought she just let her ego get the best of her at first. But who wouldn’t change in some way, if the world adored you? So I never hated her for something natural. I just found her annoying & paid very little attention to her. It was very easy. 🙂 However, I’m pissed that Bravo world mess with one of the guiltiest pleasures on TV. They basically turned ATL into “The Hills” this season. And I hope their ratings tank because of it. It will, trust me.

The producers told Kim I was upset and gave us time to talk, but once they realized they couldn’t use the language (meaning there couldn’t be any mention of the Bravo A-list awards) they did additional pick up shots to create [our beef] as something else.


Sounds like more than normal reality TV editing. Bravo actually created stuff. It’s very much like “The Hills” in the way they can’t talk about certain stuff. “You can’t argue about what happened behind the scenes of the the A-List Awards, so ummmmmmm why don’t you argue about the song instead. We need something!!” Read the whole article to get what really happened.

What really gets me about ATL is how the audience likes (not loves) Kim now. HELLO? Bravo played your ass! Every season they pick a favorite and edit out the bad. Isn’t that obvious? (Apparently not). They made Kim look like a victim. Please, I may love these reality shows, but I’m not dumb. I don’t know these women so I’m hesitant to say something about Kim’s parenting “skills” given the editing and all…um, I will say I am disappointed in Kim for getting such an extravagant boob job. And always drinking/being drunk on TV is probably not the best way to present yourself but Bravo really wanted “Tardy for the Party”* to sell. And they had to make her likable…

*It was only a single so it didn’t make much money despite it going to #3 on the dance charts. But good for her for actually DOING it. I’m shocked she actually got in the booth and sang after last season. She flew above the haters and did it. That I can applaud. While I’m applauding, loved Sheree’s (sp?) fashion show. I think Dwight helped her immensely by the way of production. But the clothes were okay also.

I am not a fan of any of the ATL women. Kandi doesn’t count because she has been famous since she was a teenager. I had her poster on my wall when I was 12 and I still heart her today. xoxo. I can’t wait to get her album. I’m constantly singing “Fly Above”. I don’t know how she can deal with AJ’s passing publicly. (She’ll be on the reunion show). I hope she is dealing with it and won’t breakdown later. I know they had broken up but they were still friendly. She talked to him hours before he died. 😦 RIP AJ.

They are filming The Real Housewives of DC now. Most people (in DC) haven’t heard of these people so, nope they aren’t famous. One of the woman I am familiar with because she has ties to a restaurant but other than that blah. I can’t wait to watch though. I can’t not watch a DC/VA show.
Now onto “The Hills”. I’ve been in love with Kristin Cavallari forever. That’s my girl. I don’t have much to say about the show just, I LOVE KRISTIN. The show is better to me because I get to watch her. I can’t be indifferent.

only blonde I swoon for
only blonde I swoon for

There was one real part of the show though *gasp*: When Brody was talking about his girlfriend Jayde (sp?) and how “this was the sorta things that break relationships up”. Kristin just stood there. She didn’t say anything. She even had tears in her eyes. She isn’t a cold hearted ‘whatever’ bitch, she has emotions. We got to see K’s vulnerable side. That was real! OMG!!!!11!!

Seriously, I was so thankful for one real moment in that show. It must be hard to have to work* around her ex. They dated off camera, for real. Why would Brody want to put that extra stress on his relationship with his gf? They fight all the time anyway. It’s not like Brody needs the show. His parents (and stepfather) are filthy rich and I’m sure he does something for work (?). Why is he even on the show? I’m not complaining. Next to Kristin he is the best eye candy. Then there is Justin Bobby (faux ‘relationship’ w/ Kristin = buzz kill). And then I like Audrina. Her boob job wasn’t extreme so she is still attractive to me. haha

*Yes it is work. They have specific hours they have to work. They hang around people they hate and have to pretend to care about them. 🙂 sounds like work to me.

My take on these shows: Don’t take these shows too seriously. Realize these are REAL people. And keep it fun. And yes, editing does play a huge part.


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