nyc for 30th?

I’ve been to New York before but it has been so long ago and we did nothing there. The main issue is my feet. I think my parents should have taken me to a foot specialist like they did with my sister. I walk “funny” according to people and my feet/ankles ache after about 1-2 miles of walking. It gets so bad that I can barely walk. The last time this happened was about 3 years ago when I decided to do touristy things in DC. Never again! 😉 I still walk these days but since I live in a place where a car is needed, I don’t have to walk too much.

However, I still want to go to The City for my 30th birthday. Besides my feet, my other issue is spending money. I only want to spend $100 on stuff. Stuff = clothes & food.

I’ve pretty much had an internet free weekend but now I’m obsessed with finding out where I must go in NYC. Everyone knows I love thrift stores so that is my main clothes shopping interest. I thought I would share what I’ve found so far.


The Best Consignment Stores in New York City by Kate Scheyer: I would like to visit one of these stores but unless I want to spend $100 on ONE piece, this is window shop only. Need something more affordable.

NYC Thrift Shops
I think there are winners on this list. I just need to find the one closest to my main area/hotel. I was not planning on going to Brooklyn…

The Housing Works Thrift Shops This site is continuously updated. I will be checking this site every few weeks…benefits charity.

How do I find a deal in a New York City thrift store?

One great thing about New York is that it is packed full of wealthy people with very little space, making for a steady stream of donated goods. Unfortunately, this also means that some of these items (used or not) can cost you a pretty penny. Adding to this dilemma is the fact that in NY thrift stores, unlike many shops in more rural areas, the sellers know what they’ve got on their hands. Goods are often displayed in a fairly organized way, and it is more difficult to find a valuable piece for dirt cheap. Don’t let this keep you from sniffing out a bargain, though — with dozens of shops spread across the city, you can certainly find your steal.

I have a feeling I will do a lot of window shopping. A lot of sites mention Michael’s but it seems like I would be lucky to find a blouse there for $100.

I’d love to go to Brooklyn but I’ve never been on a subway before & that gives me anxiety but if I’m up there for more than a couple days, I have to go to Brooklyn.

Next? maybe places to visit and maybe a decent restaurant but I already have a cheap place to eat in mind.


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