columbus day shopping

I had to work today (like most people? – I have no idea). Um, I went to CVS during lunch. lol.

Since I’d hadn’t ordered from Chadwhicks in about 2 years, they offered me a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE coupon…on anything! bogo. wohoo. If I were smart, I would have brought 2 $60.00 clearance coats and hoped one would have kept me warm. However, I’m sick of buying coats online. So I brought blazer type things instead. It’s cold where I work so I always (yes during the summer too) have to have a sweater, cardigan, long sleeves etc.

For $20 (including shipping), I got two uh jackets?

wool blazer
I got it in black multi. It’s a typical boring blazer, I guess. But it’s made of wool which should keep me warm. I was hesitant to get this because I hate dry cleaning clothes but whateves. originally $49.99. got it on sale for $12.99

fleece cape
I think I got it in that color. I meant too. heh. I’ve never worn one of those but I can tell that I will want to wear it everyday whden I have jeans on…but wouldn’t that be weird? It is a cape…not a jacket. I’m so clueless. I hope I figure it out. 🙂 Can’t wait to get it. Price was $79, marked down to $10. I got it for free.

Oh, and here is a pic from the preseason NBA game (wizards v grizzlies):

best wizard hair
best wizard hair

AI has/had a hamstring injury so he wasn’t there. It didn’t bug me. It gave me a chance to focus on the Wizards. I loved seeing Caron, Gilbert, Antwan, Nick Young, & Deshawn. Memphis has better shooters than the Wizards. That is not a good sign. Btw, the Wiz won.


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