The insulation of my house (or should I say semi-insulation) was almost double what I originally thought. Well the insulator didn’t give me an estimate on materials. We ended up going to Lowes THREE times to get what was needed. ::sigh:: Trust me, if my house is warmer this winter I will be more than pleased about this but I have my doubts. No one cared for this house or maybe they simply couldn’t afford it. I can empathize with that.

I should be an apartment dweller but I tried that for years and it was a nightmare. I’m considering buying a condo if it has more than one level, is under 5 years old, has concrete walls, a garage and low maintenance fees. 😉 I don’t want a pool, gym, or heavy duty security. I don’t want anything extra…I only want them to cut the grass. That’s it. ::double sigh:;

Today was a long day. I went to the library and then instead of doing Avon I ended up waiting in a parking lot while someone else was doing errands. In other words, I got nothing done. Nada. I watched other people take advantage of the tax free appliance weekend. I did look @ refrigerators and seriously considered getting one but I’m going to wait. Hopefully I will have (a new) one by this summer. It probably won’t be tax free. lol.

After spending the $ on insulation, I’m not sure about going taking a class in January. I really wanted to but I may just wait until summer again. ::triple sigh::

I have to find out what is making me tired. I hope it isn’t chronic fatigued since there isn’t a cure for that. I know I have low iron levels so it could be anemia. All I know is that my mom has more energy than me, needs less sleep etc. I’ve tried working on this the ‘natural’ way. Eating more fish etc. but the only fish I really like is talapia and compared to the food I eat, that fish is VERY expensive. I don’t spend that much on food. I’ve considered going back on vitamin B but I remembered why I stopped: it upsets my stomach.

I apologize for the last sentence.


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