Don’t blame AI detroit

@ memphis press conference
@ memphis press conference

First I have a huge announcement: I’m going to see Allen Iverson play next week!!! I can’t believe the NBA preseason is starting already. Training camp just started. I’m going to the first Washington Wizards* preseason game…and they happen to be playing the Memphis freakin’ Grizzlies. LOL. I’m going to see my 3rd favorite NBA player of all time play TWICE in one year. 🙂 I feel so lucky. I’d thought I never see him play before he retired. I felt like it was going to be a big regret. (sort of like not seeing MJ play, except I’ve never been a MJ fan and I think I’m over it – heh).

I know I can come across as an AI stan (deluded fan) but I DO point out when he is/was wrong.

Anyhow, read Scoop Jackson’s article: Allen Iverson speaks out about Pistons

if you are a head coach and you feel strongly about this, what would make you think that I want to be around these guys — especially if you are telling me that they don’t want to be around me like that? (Pauses.) Like when I got hurt, I was like, I’ll come in and get my treatment every day when they are not around and I’ll get outta there. I’d never been on a team where a coach told me the guys gave up on me. You know what I mean? And I kept this under wraps the whole time. I never said anything. Because I didn’t want to bad-mouth any of those guys.

Hello resentment! I knew there had to be issues within the team b/c no one said anything about AI. They spouted cliches, “no problems” when it was obvious to me they resented him being a Piston. Blame Joe Dumars for trading Chauncey, don’t blame AI for that. I didn’t expect Rip to say anything nice after all Allen was going after his spot. But the BS Rasheed and others spewed…uh, obvious lies. Say what you will about AI but he doesn’t lie. Instead he’ll say nothing. Or he’ll be really honest. “Practice?

…that’s why it bothered me when all of the blame [of what happened in Detroit] was thrown on me. All I thought about was the people that know basketball, how they could look at the game and could easily see what was going on.

I also believe they did the trade for $$ reasons. How stupid! And hiring Michael Curry as the coach. um, no words.

Before you start criticizing, just look at the situation. Just look at it for what it really is.

No basketball commentary here, I just wish everyone lived life this way. 😉

I’m talking about going to practice — yeah, I said practice (laughs) — and have fun and come out of practice happy, go to games happy, leave the arena, win or lose, happy

At least he can joke about the practice press conference now. I think the criticism for that practice thing hurt him for years. Remember his best friend was killed weeks before that press conference. He was just lashing/crying out. I think what he meant to say was, “can’t you see how hurt I am?” Instead he said practice 30+ times.

And yes his attitude toward practice was wrong. Practice is a part of the job. How is a team suppose to get anything done when the starter isn’t there?

I know that article isn’t going to change the minds of Piston fans. He was in DC for a month getting treatment from one of the best back specialists in the country. But no, “He quit on the team”. Whatever.

*The Washington Wizards are by second favorite team. I’ve been a Laker fan for 19 years but I’m getting older and I had to find a team that tips off before 10:30 EST. I never get to see the Lakers play full games except on weekends. So when we started getting 80-90% of the Wizards games, I slowly became a big fan. I guess I’ve been a fan for about 6-7 years…Rip Hamilton was the reason I started watching every game.

Now I love Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison (sp?), Caron Butler, & even DeShawn “abe lincoln” Stevenson. Those are my guys. When I heard trading rumors about Caron Butler, I was going to boycott the organization. I can just be a Laker fan, they win championships. Ha, anyway they made some good moves this summer. Great coach. I expect them to finish 4th or 5th in the east.

I get to see them play LIVE…finally! And Gilbert Arenas is back. 🙂


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