technology rant


This electronic stuff is making life so “busy”. I’ve been on the computer all afternoon trying to get stuff straight and I haven’t even paid any bills. I guess I will do that tomorrow.

I’m so glad I emailed my dad a nice “happy birthday” @ work. If I hadn’t, it would have just been a simple ‘happy birthday. love you’. So you obsessers aka coworkers, I’m glad I took work time (about 4-5 minutes, had to make it special) to email my dad. That is important to me.

And I won’t go into to my mom who won’t answer emails or texts. I’m OVER technology. Tomorrow or Wednesday will be internet free. I will clean and mow my lawn.


no more internet. no facebook. no email. no request for stuff. I’m over it…I will tweet during lunch (through text). My tweets are on the sidebar and is updated more frequently than this blog.


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