cho did have social anxiety

I’ve been saying that all along. Well since day 2. It was obvious to me as soon as people spoke of him after the shootings. I’m sure he had other issues but when I look over some of his medical docs, it comes back to social anxiety. (I just read what Spikol posted in her blog. I’m sure there is a lot more.)

I hate when people say something should have been done. Um, MILLIONS of people feel or have felt isolated. depressed and/or socially anxious. 99% of these people don’t kill anyone. Some kill themselves. What exactly should we do?

Besides stop teasing, making fun and gossiping about these um, “weird types”? What a concept. (Cho’s college roommates admit to making fun of him. And I know it wasn’t only them.). 😦

Blame anyone but ourselves…right?



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