I want to meet all these perfect people. I would never do that. Um, how do you know? Have you ever even been in a similar situation?

I’m blogging about a sad local story. The president of the SPCA (where I adopted my cat) left her dog in the car. The dog had a stroke and later died. 😦 He was 16 years old.

You should hear the outrage! But do they even know the whole story? Or are they just interested in making themselves feel better for one second by trashing someone? I sincerely hope she doesn’t get fired.

The SPCA woman occasionally brought her dog to work when she would get her house clean. That particular morning her husband put the dog in the backseat. He did not tell his wife. The dog was 16. He was a senior dog. He would SLEEP in the car. She went back to the car around lunchtime. She saw her dog having a stroke and rushed him to the hospital. 😦 The vets tried everything…

Her baby died. Please don’t take her job away. And let’s say she just forgot – which I can believe because a 16 year old dog is extremely old and I don’t know what condition he was in. He may have always slept in the car like some kids do. I just think about my 11/12 year old dog and how she sleeps more and sometimes breathes heavily.

I am probably the most forgetful person under 30 on the planet, so I NEVER judge an ‘I forgot’. I forget everything. Recently I left my cat outside while I fell asleep. Sometimes she is so quiet, I don’t know where she is 24/7. I thought she was in another room. And then suddenly, I realized at 11:45PM that she was on the screened in porch. She loves being outside at night. (She also loves to look at lightning and fireworks, in case you were wondering). I’m not a perfect pet owner. I would like to believe I do the best I can.

RIP Rusty. Your family loved you. I know you are so thankful for the years you had with them and you know that your human mom would never intentionally hurt you. I hope other people will see that too.

FWIW, I just found out the dog was deaf and blind,


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