part time work

I am so pissed off. I made a mistake on an Avon order and now I will get charge with a late fee. Beginner’s mistake. I’ll get over it.

I passed out fliers, brochures with free samples, and business cards today for an hour at the local community college.

When it comes to this stuff (OR ANYTHING), I’m bad with following up. It’s risky. Rejection could be behind that door…but I did follow up with one web customer. I sent her an email detailing how to order. She didn’t respond. I did my best customer service (so not my thing – 😉 job. Maybe I misunderstood her question or maybe she is thinking about her order. Who knows. I’m just glad she is on the email list.

I want recruits. Hopefully my hard work today pays off in someway. lala I need more mark magalogs (yep, that’s what they are called). Lauren Conrad is on the next cover. So far I have only ordered 5 which will probably go quickly at the flea market. Lauren should be on every cover. She sells. Some people only know about Mark b/c of her. I tried Mark’s perfume Sassy and it is okay in very small doses. I couldn’t even use the whole sample or it would have been too strong. Smells good though. I will probably stick with Imari in the future.

LC - the face of mark?
LC - the face of mark?

I’m actually wearing make up for the first time ever. I’m wearing Avon’s foundation w/sunscreen. It didn’t take too long to put on but in the mornings, I don’t have time for any crap so I will probably use it when I’m outside since it does protect from the sun. I wish I had this when I went to the beach. I’m going to edit this with the name of the product when I get home.

Stop hating on Allen Iverson people. get a life. Okay, I’m just pissed he isn’t on a team. And this guy is telling me that NO ONE is calling. Uh, right? (I respect the writer and I don’t think he is lying.)


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