Avon and me

It’s sooooooo hot. And what did I do when I got home from work? Mow the lawn. I’m glad that’s done. Why did Brett Farve sign with the Vikings today? Because he was sick of the Vick coverage! He knows how to work it.

I’ve decided to be 100% upfront with what I’m doing business wise in this online journal. Sometimes a paper journal isn’t enough but that will probably get most of my fears and indecision.

I’m selling Avon at flea markets. My first sell will be Aug 29 or 30 (weather). I got my first boxes of inventory in. Let me back up – this is very much your own business. I know a few people who do it. Only one (and it happens to be a husband & wife) is making enough to quit her day job. Most people just do it for extra $$, not really taking advantage of all Avon has to offer…and I’m not either. For now.

This is so time consuming and slightly addictive. I’ve spent over 60 hours on training, picking inventory*, making/printing orders forms etc. And I just started 2 weeks ago! However, this is my business so I should be spending time on this.

So selling Avon. The average person has apprehension going up to 3 strangers a day SO HOW DO YOU THINK I’M DOING? Haha. Yes that is one of the reasons I’m going the flea market route. I love flea markets…buying and selling. Avon is well known. People love it so the brand recognition is there. I’m always thinking about the display etc. It will be neat with colorful recruitment fliers in the middle of the table. People who buy and seem really into Avon will get a catalog and samples. They will get my business card (love them – very professional looking) and personalized order forms.

*The biggest issue I’m having right now is picking inventory. I liken it to a fashion/clothes merchandiser. Avon/Mark (selling both) have over 300 different products. AHHHH! And I don’t wear make up. I know nothing about make up. So I’m thinking, “Maybe I should just leave the makeup alone”. What if that is a big mistake? That’s why I have to get out there ASAP to find out what people would want and how much they are willing to spend.

I was going to concentrate on just selling lotions and jewelry/watches because that’s what I know. And there may be another person selling the typical Avon products. I already have a very nice NY Giants Superbowl watch that I’m sure will sell. The problem with that is that right now we get double points (which is a huge deal) on beauty products. So no more watches until after the beauty thing is over in a few weeks.

My aunt and mom ordered things I didn’t even think of! See, this is the problem. Doing this at a flea market is like having a store. You have to have the right inventory on hand. I’m having a hard time on next week’s shipment. Do I just sell fragrances? And delete all the make up I’ve ordered.? This is what I spend my days doing.

Well I have to do more Avon stuff. Print glossy fliers, online training etc. All I do now is Avon all the time. I enjoy it so far. If only I could recruit other people to sell…trust me, I’m working on that.

If anyone wants to list their favorite Avon/Mark products in the comments, I’ll be forever grateful.


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