So much has been going on. And I’m having my period so I’m extra irritable. :/

On Tuesday, I thought I had dropped my 1mg of klonopin. I take one everyday when I have to be around people. So really I only take one when I have to go to work. I was standing in the stairwell. YES I WAS GOING TO EAT A PILL OFF THE DIRTY FLOOR…but I couldn’t find it.

I was on the 5th floor when the pill fell through a hole. I left my purse (!) and ran down 5 flights of stairs. Then I heard someone coming!

I couldn’t find my pill so I ran up the stairs ::panting:: I didn’t think someone would steal my whole purse but I thought someone might grab something.

One person from my floor was staring at my purse with a shocked look on her face. Of course I don’t know for sure, but I think she thought I JUMPED because sometimes I stand on the rail looking down (and yes wondering what it would be like to jump). People have seen me do this but I never see them because I don’t turn around.

She looked so scared. The other guy just walked down the stairs. After I got to my purse I started laughing almost manically. LOL. It was sorta a funny situation. If they only knew the real story. I ran down stairs for klonopin.

I wonder what did they thought of my laughter. (She’s crazy). I laughed throughout the morning whenever I thought of it.

To work where I work, I do need my 1mg of klonopin. Too bad it only last for 3 hours! That’s like nothing. In the afternoon I am so irritable and ready to slap people.

Btw, I did find a klonopin in my purse! Thank the universe.

I got my business cards in the mail today! 10-11 days before I have to face people.


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