Vick, wow

first thoughts-straight ramble

-Andy Reid wants to do for Vick what he couldn’t do for his sons.
-I guess Vick won’t play much this season..which is probably good for the media frenzy.
-McNabb is known for being nice and Vick is easy to get along with and nice ::SCREECH::

See, I’m thinking about the Micheal (not Mike) we thought we knew from Hampton VA. He is/was very shy. (Off topic: I’m interested in the 60 minutes interview b/c people judge shyness in strange ways. Most people don’t know how shy and self spoken he is).

Watching him grow before my eyes…He has been dog fighting for most of his life. It is accepted (like a lot of illegal things) where he lived. I also know he loves animals (birds, dogs etc) so my #1 question is how do you love dogs and then kill them? He had one dog he was really close to. Did he ever let her fight? (I’m guessing no but then again I know NOTHING about dog fighting).

I’m an animal lover. Everyone knows I love animals more than people.

I think certain things can be rehabbed. Serial killers/rapists should never get out of jail. But UNLESS he is a sociopath which I don’t think he is*, then I think he (or anyone) can be fully rehabbed.

*I think it was more of a culture thing AND him wanting his ex-friends to ‘make a living’.

I hate when people TRY to defend dog fighting. Um, there isn’t a defense. Don’t use hunting even though I get what parallel those people are making.

I’m aware that this post is the opposite of cohesive. I’m typing quickly as possible. And a tiny part of me is disappointed that he didn’t sign with my team (Ravens). We need him more than the freakin’ Eagles.


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