must love dogs

Tomorrow I have to ignore her. Don’t think negative thoughts about her or anyone. How can I expect to succeed when I’m thinking “Wow she is really getting off on this. How immature.” I used to smile when they did things (not AT them) but that makes them do it more. Today I was flabbergasted. How can someone over 50 (or 20, or 30, or 40) act like this???! But being self righteous is not the answer.

I need better answers. I always try to make sense of other people’s behavior but that is destructive. I am slowly learning the hard way. I hate to say it’s my nature BUT I try to figure out human behavior. It logically make sense to me but ugh!
I’m not into dating nevertheless I have decided to make up a BS date list. It’s only bs b/c I’m not looking. The list is real. 😉

Prerequisite for anyone who wants to date me:

-must be able to cook and enjoy it
-must not be a neat freak but doesn’t mind cleaning the house weekly(or hiring a monthly maid service)
-must never bitch @ me on Saturday or Sunday while I spend hours watching football
-must work (I don’t make enough on my own- I’d worked too, of course)
-must be into DIY projects
-must love animals
-don’t want kids
-must be a loner
-not that into sex
-may be willing to live separately even if married (but that doesn’t get the person out of cooking and helping me clean my place…I can mow my own lawn) 🙂
-must love music and going to concerts
-must love to travel but allow me to travel solo w/o giving me a guilt trip
-must not freak out if we don’t communicate for 24 hours

What do I have to offer someone? ROFL


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