get it done

writing in my paper journal didn’t make it happen so…

what I need/want in my house

-insulation (need to get started in September, research starts NOW)
-driveway (taxes will go up but great for next buyer and me)
-upgrade electrical system (damn shame this house hasn’t been updated since 1950)
-get new/working refrigerator (would like electric stuff done first, least expensive thing on list)
-get 3 new doors (bedrooms, bathroom)
-get hardwood floors/carpet for one room (not sure but the floors need to be redone)
-clean attic and below-the-house-space (the word escapes me)
-new bathtub (when I get ready to move)

Those are needs. I haven’t gotten into my wants on this list.
I do agree w/ Nancy Pelosi on some things she said about the health insurance companies. I am embarrassed by how much they are spending to NOT pass Obama’s bill. It’s sickening.
I may tweet about Housewives of Atlanta. I don’t find them interesting so I don’t enjoy the show. Say what you will about NYC prep but at least Bravo made it somewhat interesting…or maybe the kids are interesting. I don’t know. After the first show, I scanned the message boards, they were talking about the Kids’ looks. Needless to say I haven’t read a thing about the show since. Where does it say that ALL people on TV have to be pretty. Geez.



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